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How do I purchase Gold or Coins?

First of all, you can navigate to the gold or coin package on our website.
Secondly, you can select the amount, your character name or Battletag ( in the case of Diablo ) & your delivery preference.
Each delivery method displayed on our site has its own pros and cons, it's your own decision which one you'd pick.
Afterward, you can proceed to the checkout section, provide your contact information such as your email address and your Discord or Skype, and select your payment method
Once your order has been confirmed through our webshop we will also contact you as soon as we can.

How do I buy an account?

First of all, you can go to the account section of the game you are looking to purchase an account.
Add the account you like to your cart and fill in your personal information such as your email address and your Discord/Skype.
Once the payment has been confirmed, we will contact you immediately, it usually takes about 5-20 minutes to receive your account data.
You will obtain the account info through email confirmation, so please keep an eye on the email inbox.

So what will include?

  • Account username/email
  • Account/email Password
  • Account-associated email ( email inbox )
  • Email associated password
  • Secret Question Answer, if applicable

We also give you the option to claim free gold on most account purchases.
It's up to you whether you want to claim it or not.

How do I purchase a Steam account?

Placing an account to purchase a Steam account ( like Lost Ark or New World order works the same as buying a WoW Account. Basically, you provided all the required contact information and checkout through your preferred payment method.
When you purchase a Lost Ark or New World account you will basically obtain a Steam account. On this Steam account, you can find your Lost Ark or New World avatar.
What kind of information will be included?

  • Steam username
  • Steam password
  • Linked email address
  • Linked email address Password

How do I buy a Boosting service?

First of all, you go to the boosting section of the game you would like to purchase a boosting service
Afterward, you can add the service to your shopping part and you will be asked to provide your email address and/or your Skype/Discord ID.
Once the payment has been confirmed, we will contact you immediately to follow up with the account data you have to provide to us so we can start your boosting service
For Powerleveling or boosting, we require your username and password from the character you want us to level ( In the case of Battlenet and Steam accounts we also require a code from your email inbox or a temporary secret question-answer ( in the case of battlenet)
Usually, the boosting service starts the same day you order, and in most cases even within 1-2 hours.
We are able to update you regarding the process from time to time through your preferred contact method.

How can I buy PVP, Profession, or any other specific boost?

When you are purchasing any of these kinds of boosts mentioned in the title, this will work exactly the same as buying a Powerleveling or boosting service.
In the case of WoW, you will be asked to provide your Server and faction. For Lost Ark and New World, we need your server name.
Once the payment has been confirmed, we will contact you immediately.
We would require your username and password for the character you wish us to boost.

How can I sell my Account?

When you have an account you don't wish to play any longer, you will be able to sell it to us or use it as credit towards any of our services. Please navigate to our WoW Account selling form, New World account selling form, or Lost Ark account selling form for more information. Please note that the credit you receive towards any of our services is higher than selling accounts to us for money. In addition, when selling your account, make sure you meet our seller requirements

How do I pay at this website?

Checking out on our website is extremely easy and quick. Unlike most websites, you do not have to create an account on our website. We do not need additional information about your payment method, also we do not surcharge/add additional fees to your payment method. So you do not have to wait for any kind of verification progress before being able to make a purchase on this webshop. Also keep in mind that we support several currencies, like USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/CAD. So you can use your own currency to avoid any potential conversion rate fees. We currently offer over 20 payment options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and several bank transfer options.
We have 4 different Payment Gateway providers you can choose to use, so we made sure you did not end up with payment issues.

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