Lost Ark

What is Lost Ark

On 11 February of 2022, a brand new adventure will be available, a very new MMO game in Europe and North America. Amazon and Smilegate game studios joined forces and created a new Action-MMORPG game called Lost Ark.
The previous version of this game was a success and millions of active players in countries such as Korea, Japan, and Russia.
Lost Ark is a Free-to-Play A-MMORPG game, but it still has a subscription for comfortable gameplay.
This game has a lot of entertainment activities - quests with a lot of lore and jokes, hardcore PVE dungeons and raids, competitive PVP arena, and Open World PVP locations, crafting and gathering professions.
Lost Ark is a fantasy game based on magic and sci-fi world, which contain magical and technical features.

How is Lost Ark`s Gameplay?

It is a party-oriented game, but you can still play it solo.
This game is a mix of League of Legends and DOTA 2 game-style with an entertaining story and hardcore PVE from Final Fantasy XIV.
But this game is not only about PVE activities. Also, this game will provide to players cybersport Arena PVP Battles and an elaborate crafting system.

You have to be aware that this game will require all your mechanic skills, high reaction, and cunning mind. It's very adrenalin boosted gameplay in PVE dungeons and raids, but especially in PVP activities.
But it will grant you some peaceful moments for example when setting up your housing, world exploring, and even your own sea-ship skills.

This game will give us 5 classes we can choose from. Each of these has synergies with each other and a lot of skill builds and skill combinations.
Lost Ark has already been received very warmly by the gaming community and streamers during the beta test.

Lost Ark Gold and Currency mechanic

Lost Ark has a lot of different currencies, but the main currency is Gold. This currency requires for trading with other players and making purchases on Auction House.
Make sure this game will require a lot of gold for buying your equipment upgrades, housing mechanics, and vanity things like cutie pets or even the interior of your own house.
Especially, if you are want to be on the edge of the End-Game gameplay of this game it will require a ton of gold. So, there we can provide you with our services, at MMOprovider we are glad to help you out.

Lost Ark Account

Once you are playing Lost Ark you may witness it will take you a very long time to achieve certain goals in-game. So you may want to wonder whether it's more efficient to be playing all the way on your own, or if you might want to purchase an account instead. When you decide to purchase an account you will be the second owner. Basically, you will obtain the previous owners' Steam account. When you obtain the Steam account you will be able to change all required information so it's your personal account. Please make sure you bookmark our Lost Ark Account page, as we will add accounts whenever we have them. We can instantly deliver them as we personally own them. All of these accounts have their warranty policy applied, so you do not have to worry about scammers. All accounts have been verified with care. These accounts can be rather fresh accounts up till endgame accounts.

Lost Ark Boost

Within Lost Ark, you will have to play a lot on your character to become one of the best players on the server. In order to achieve this, you will have to train your crafting skills, combat abilities, and do a ton of quests/daily quests/dungeons/raids/arena battles, and anything else you can think of to become the end-game player you always wanted to be. At Lost Ark, you are also required to do a lot of daily/weekly activities to upgrade your equipment to the highest Tier. You can progress it up, but it will take you many months/years even to achieve it. At this point, MMOprovider is here to help you out by boosting your character on Lost Ark.

Are you prepared?

As soon as this game launches we will start providing our services. This can be boosting, accounts, or Lost Ark coins. Please keep a close eye on this page or contact us for more information. From time to time we may change the information on this webshop in order to optimize our Lost Ark services for you.