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Are you ready to become boosted on your New World MMO character?
New World MMO is expected to be a very time-consuming game. It will require a lot of time, skill, and dedication to obtain the levels you require.
In this game, you are the adventurer who seeks aid.
In order to conquer the Aeternum, you may require certain features, such as levels, weapons, professions, and anything else basically.
On this page, you will be able to place a Pre-order for your New World character

What kind of New World Boosts can I purchase?

There are a lot of boosting opportunities for your characters in this beautiful game.
A few examples of boosts can be found here :
Farming resources
Leveling your crafting and trading skills
Buy leveling XP boosts, uch as level 1-60 or any custom level you can think of.
Attending global PVP battles and doing Wars
Joining expeditions and offering gearing services

In addition to the services mentioned above, there are other New World boosts which you could consider.
Farming New World Coins on your character
Doing weapon mastery leveling
Developing your housing skill
Grinding reputation
Completing specific achievements

What kind of professions can I train in New World

In New World, there are many different trade skills you can learn. These Trade skills can be categorized into; Crafting, Refining, and Gathering.
Each of these categories has its own group of skills and they are somehow bound to each other. Below you will find a basic description of these professions.

Gathering skill

First of all, we start training our gathering skills. There are five different gathering skills out there. They are called Mining, Tracking & Skinning, Fishing, Logging, and Harvesting.
These skills can be trained along the road. Such as mining ore or boulder, Skinning some wolves or bears after you killed them, catching fishes in the water, Cutting down small and big trees, or picking up herbs in the forest for Harvesting

Refining skill

The next stop is Refining. Basically, refining means you will turn in resources you gathered with one of these five gathering professions into more usable crafting items. When you level up your refining skill you will be able to refine higher-level resources into high crafting materials. The following five skills can be trained;
Smelting can be trained by smelting the ores you gathered through mining, Stonecutting can be trained as well by providing the stones you mined through mining skills. Leatherworking can be trained by tanning the hides you gained with skinning and tracking. weaving can be trained by materials you gained from harvesting and woodworking obviously can be trained by the wood you collected from the trees you recently cut down with your woodcutting skill.

Crafting skill

The last part of the profession is crafting skills. These crafting skills can be considered as tier 3 professions and they are being trained by the materials you gained from the refining skills mentioned before. There are 7 different crafting skills. These skills are pretty expensive to train because you either need to create all the materials yourself, or you have to make a visit to the trading post and hopefully, the items are available for you at a great cost of coins. At first, we have weaponsmithing, this skill can be trained by carving weapons from the bars you gained from smelting and perhaps from stonecutting as well. Armoring can be trained by these materials mentioned before as well, but they can also be boosted from the materials you gained from leatherworking. Engineering can be considered as a tough profession as it heavily relies on a big number of refining and gathering skills. Any kind of range of weapons can be taught this way. Some melee weapons can also be crafted this way. Jewelcrafting is used for crafting tickets, amulets, rings, and that kind of stuff. In order to train this skill, it's strong advice to train your stonecutting, smelting, and mining skills. Arcana is a crafting skill that is made for mage-type players. It can be used to craft staves and create potions. In order to train this skill, we recommend you to train your mining, harvesting, smelting, logging, and woodworking skills.
Our 6th skill is Cooking. Cooking is a skill used to prepare to make food, which can be useful on your journey. When you have quality food you will be stronger in battles and have more endurance. In order to train this skill, you need to do harvesting and fishing skills.
Our last crafting skill is Furnishing. This skill can be used to craft furniture and any beneficial items to train your Housing skill. Every player who wants a nice home should definitely train this crafting skill.
This skill heavily relies on the following professions; cooking, harvesting, logging, mining, leatherworking, weaving, woodworking, and smelting.

Since New World is a brand new game there could be a lot of confusion in the very beginning. Hence it could be a great option for you to consider ordering a New World Boost.
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In case you have any questions about these New World Boosts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Why do we expect New World to be such an amazing game? Please read below.

How to explain New World MMO?

The brand new game New World is an MMORPG that can be categorized as an open-world activity game. It can be compared to games like World of Warcraft, Runescape or Final Fantasy.
It has great PVP and PVE mechanics and components. It's all about farming and doing expeditions. They could become boring over time. Yet the game will most likely be very addictive.

What kind of activities can I do in New World?

- Attending great PVP battles and wars
- Doing amazing open-world events with a huge number of players
- Crafting the finest weapons and equipment
- Leveling your character
- Farming endless hours to obtain the gear and weapons you always wanted

These activities mentioned above can be familiar to you when you have some experience playing other MMO games.
There is a lot of media attention to this game and the game developers are known for their large budgets. So nothing stands in their way to develop a great MMO game.

Who is boosting your New World character?

The boosting team of MMOprovider consists of many skilled MMO veteran players. Even though New world is a new game for anyone. Their expertise with playing MMOs goes beyond the average player. We aim to be playing with the best boosters only. We will be playing endless hours on your boosted character to make sure both you and we are satisfied. We have a great reputation on other games such as World of Warcraft when it comes to boosting. So we will do the same on this game.