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Powerleveling on New World

In this section, you will find New World Powerleveling.
Our NW Powerleveling & Boosting services are of high quality. We have a huge Powerleveling team at your service.
You can order any custom levels you want with our special calculator.
Please put in your current level and your desired level and you will have a price based on your desires.
Are you interested in gearing opportunities? No problem at all, we will be able to process these requests as well.
Please send us a special request in private and we will make arrangements.

Buyer Information

The leveling process will take about 7-10 days for 1-65 most likely
All items, coins, weapons etc will remain on your character
Boosting is completely done by hand ( we do not use any kind of bots or cheat programs)
If requested, we can use a VPN service from your country.
We play around 8-14 hours a day and we recommend you not to log in during the booting process.

Boost per hour
We can also boost your New World character at an hourly rate. We will play on your character from time X till time X. You can send us a private message to start this process.

How does this power leveling process work in New World?
The Power leveling process in the New World is very easy.
First of all, you place an order on the webshop with your desired levels.
Afterward, we will contact you to provide the current login information.
As soon we receive the information we start assigning a booster to your order.
These boosters are skilled and dedicated to level as fast as possible.
We strongly recommend you not log in during the leveling process.
As soon the booster hits the goal you will be notified through the mail, discord, or Skype and the boost can be considered as completed! Happy gaming!

New World 1-65 Powerleveling
We assume most of the New World players wish to hit level 605 as soon as possible. On this page, you will be able to pick the 1-65 boost without any issues.
In case you know us from WoW-related servers, you may have noticed we can do 1-65 leveling boosts with great expertise. In addition to our Powerleveling services, we can also do other boosts like professions, weapon training, or obtain specific gear for your character. Do you need more information about our NW boosts? Please contact us.
So in case, you have been checking on " Buy New World Boost" "New World Boost" " Buy NW Boost" or "New World Powerleveling" you've come to the right place to receive a nice treatment for your avatar

Need more information?

Do you need more info? Please check our FAQ or Contact us.

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