Lost Ark

In need of gold for Lost Ark? Check out our gold packages for all servers and regions for this brand new game Lost Ark. You can find all servers here. Prices will be updated every day. Our average delivery times are ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. Prices displayed below are excluding our coupons or promotion deals, please do not forget to apply them! Keep in mind that there is no account registration & you do not have to pay additional fees upon checking out!

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Lost Ark Gold

On the 11th of February 2022, something magical happened at the MMO scene. The long-awaited game, which was extremely hyped in Korea opened its gates to the rest of the world. This called this amazing Action-MMORPG Lost Ark has been released by Amazon games in cooperation with Smilegate.
In this massive entertainment world of Lost Ark, you will see a lot of stuff to explore, which will take time and a lot of gold.
In order to play on this server, you will require a lot of different resources, armor sets, weapons, potions with other consumables, and more items.
In order to afford this kind of item, you will require Lost Ark Gold. These Lost Ark Gold can be used at the Auction House for any kind of your need.
In order to buy LAO Gold, you can simply navigate to your region/server on this page. This whole page consists of all servers for all Lost Ark regions!
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No account registration is required & you do not have to pay additional fees upon checking out!

Lost Ark Gold for sale

There are many reasons why you might want to buy gold for Lost Ark. This game is all about battles. Whether it is questing, dungeons, PVPing, or even Guild Wars, or anything else. You can even buy your own house or luxurious mount!
So it's most likely you are in need of many golds. To afford this gold it's important that this gold is being offered at a fair price.
We are offering a huge stock of Lost Ark gold at an exceptional price. Especially when you are looking for bigger gold amounts. All our gold is obtained by handmade gaming
We are planning to offer these services for any kind of Lost Ark Server. Please check the server list below for our packages per server

How to buy Lost Ark Gold?

Currently, we have 3 different delivery methods how to deliver the gold to you. First of all the mailing method. This mailing method is by far the easiest option. We transfer the gold through the transfer system and you will receive the gold right away. Keep in mind that the Lost Ark transfer system takes a 5% fee, which is not covered in the process. Secondly, we have a face-2-face method, which means we meet you up in-game and we trade the gold to you. The last one is the Auction House delivery method. which basically means you will be listing several items on Auction House.
Afterward, we will purchase these items you listed.
So, buying gold in Lost Ark is very easy. You can select the server you play on. Go to the gold package you desire and afterward, you will be able to add it to your shopping cart.
Once you see your shopping cart you can still change the LAO gold quantity to your liking.
As soon as the LAO gold order has been placed we will contact you for further instructions.

Reasons why you should buy Lost Ark gold

In order to play Lost Ark at a decent level, you have to invest a lot of time in your character, we already mentioned this in our intro, but this page goes more in-depth.
In order to become a quality player, you are in need of many weapon sets, armor sets, skills, consumables, and other beneficial attributes to your character. However, not everybody has time to achieve this.
At this point, you may have to consider how you are going to get the best out of your character in a less time-consuming option. Our services might be a perfect solution for your needs. At MMOprovider we are working around the clock to supply your character whenever you are in need of something. We can deliver gold, consumables, equipment, and basically anything you could wish for. It could save you a lot of trouble in-game and time/money wise it is something much more to purchase LAO gold instead. Why spend many hours for daily and weekly quests/activities when it's possible to outsource the boring part for a small compensation? Regardless of what your decision may be, we can fulfill your needs when you are having a hard time collecting the LAO gold and equipment you require to get the most out of your character in Lost Ark.

On which servers can I buy Lost Ark Gold? Check our list

When you enter Lost Ark you have to select your region to play on. Currently, there are 4 different regions you can play: US West, US East, EU Central, SA East. Currently, we have the full list of Lost Ark servers. This list includes 58 different Lost Ark servers. And we can deliver Lost Ark Gold on any server! To give you a great summary of all available servers:
US West
: Mari, Valtan, Enviska, Akkan, Bergstrom, Shandi, Rohendel.
US East: Azena, Una, Regulus, Avesta, Galatur, Karta, Ladon, Kharmine, Elzowin, Sasha, Adrinne, Aldebaran, Zosma, Vykas, Danube.
EU Central
: Neria, Kadan, Trixion, Calvasus, Thirain, Zinnervale, Asta, Wei, Slen, Sceptum, Procyon, Beatrice, Inanna, Thaemine, Sirius, Antares, Brelshaza, Nineveh, Mokoko.
EU West: Rethramis, Tortoyk, Moonkeep, Stonehearth, Shadespire, Tragon, Petrania, Punika.
South America: Kazeros, Agaton, Gienah, Arcturus, Yorn, Feiton, Vern, Kurzan, Prideholme.