Terms of service


1. Our business

By using our services, you have an agreement with MMOprovider and its associated Terms of Services, Privacy policy & Refund Policy.
MMOprovider is a Limited Liability Company located in the Netherlands, Oldenzaal.
Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands number 82410178
Contact information: info@mmoprovider.com
Website: https://www.mmoprovider.com/

2. Definitions

  • Customer: A person who browses the website, wishes to place an order, or gathers more information about a potential purchase
  • Games: World of Warcraft, New World, Lost Ark, or Private servers, we are not affiliated with any of them
  • Services: MMOprovider.com is offering middleman services. We buy and sell World of Warcraft, New World, and Lost Ark boosting services, selling and buying virtual items/currency. Providing game accounts that were played by other players, who basically sell their "rights' to play the game
  • Shop price: The shop price is the total sum you pay for our services. This price is including any applicable fees. shown for our services is based on our profit/finder’s fee, transaction fee, taxation (VAT & income tax) & business-related costs.
  • Order: Checking out on our website to pay for a service is considered to be an order

3. Intellectual property rights

You acknowledge and agree that all virtual items, currencies, and accounts displayed on our website remain the property of the owner/game developers ( Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games LLC, and any other involved party)
MMOprovider claims no ownership of virtual goods/services, such as virtual currency, in-game items, or virtual accounts, and is in no way affiliated/associated with Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon Games, or any other game developing company.
MMOprovider does claim copyright on images displayed on the website, you may not copy any of this information for your own use.

4. Warranty definition

4.1 Warranty MMOprovider is offering you a warranty on gaming account recalls (hacked/stolen) from the first day you purchased the account, as long you provide proof of recall (4.3)
UPDATE: As of the 15th of September 2020, we will grant you a lifetime warranty on any of our accounts. Please check our Refund policy for a detailed description of our warranty policy.
In case you meet our warranty guidelines you will be covered. You will receive store credit equivalent to the amount you had to pay for the (stolen) account,
which can be used towards any of our services. You understand and agree that MMOprovider is in no way responsible,
with exception of our account recall warranty as described above, for any in-game bans, locks, bugs, or rollbacks.
In addition to this exception, as soon you resell an account to any third party the warranty will be voided.
Unless proven, any false attempts will void your warranty for any (future) service you paid for.
4.2 Game Account turn-in
MMOprovider is giving you the opportunity to exchange your recently purchased account(s) for credit to spend on any different game account on our webshop.
As long the account you wish to turn represents some value, you will be able to use this program at any time.
MMOprovider still reserves the right to approve or decline your offer. The Account Credit Program is meant as a discount feature, not an equal trading feature. For more information, please contact us.
4.3 Proof of Recall
In case a gaming account is retrieved by the original owner, you have to provide compelling evidence for this matter. Proof of recall may include, but is not limited, to; Battlenet Email request email changes, Email password changes, and suspicious tickets involving your recently purchased gaming account. For Steam accounts, it can be difficult to provide this proof due to lack of transpiration, in cases like these, we will be involving the original owner in this issue and if the original owner is not going to comply, it may be covered as well.

5. In-game Terms of Service

MMOprovider is a website that offers middleman services for the following games: World of Warcraft, New World, and Lost Ark. We provide services for exchanging gold, boosting services & game accounts. Trading/buying/selling any of these services is against the Terms of Service of the game developer and may lead to in-game restrictions. By purchasing any of our services, you accept that MMOprovider can not be held responsible for any in-game restrictions. You completely understand that buying these services could result in a permanent ban on your character on your game.
This also applies to the optional 'free' gold upon purchasing one of our accounts.

6. Payment options

MMOprovider is accepting the following forms of payments: Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller, Poli, Klarna, Rapid Transfer, most debit/credit cards, and direct bank transfers.
We do not hold any responsibilities, unless clearly proven, for any unauthorized transactions made for our services.

7. Payment

7.1 You (the customer ) place an order on this website in accordance with the payment methods this website has to offer.
There are no differences in fees when you select a payment option. This website is responsible for any transaction fees, if applicable.

7.2 MMOprovider reserves the right to terminate our services with you upon any attempt to unrightfully claim your money (chargeback) or abuse Paypal Buyer's Protection to receive a refund.
Termination of our services means you will not be able to keep playing on any of your game account purchases on our webshop.
Refunds are only eligible when they meet the guidelines described in our Refund Policy. Also, in case you are eligible for a refund, we will be doing these refunds on our initiative and not on yours.

8. Delivery

After the payment has been processed and verified, MMOprovider will provide its service. To give a rough estimate:
Virtual currency (in-game gold/items) usually takes between 15 and 40 minutes for us to deliver.
Please keep in mind that low-populated servers may be difficult to deliver and thus, may take longer for us to complete the currency delivery.
Game accounts usually take less than 5-15 minutes to send to your email address.
Powerleveling usually starts on the same day/date as the purchase.
In rare cases, you may not have received the goods/service within 24 hours, (In case we’re out of stock or personal issue) a full refund can be issued by your request.

MMOprovider reserves the right to issue refunds on its own initiative when issues arise during the delivery process of our services for you.
MMOprovider is located in Western Europe (GMT/UTC + 1) However, we are delivering our services most of the time, both night and day time.

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