WoW Classic ERA

Re-live the moment WoW launched back in 2004. Conquer Azeroth with our handmade gold from our store. We offer a huge amount of gold for any kind of WoW Classic ERA servers. Both Classic ERA US & Alliance supported. ๏ปฟ๏ปฟNo account registration is required and you don't have to pay extra fees when checking out, unlike most other sites.

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Buy Classic ERA Gold

Looking forward to play WoW Classic ERA again? So do we!
You've probably been looking at gold before, so you may have been googling for terms like "Classic ERA Gold", "Buy Classic ERA gold" "ERA WoW gold" or anything like that.
At this point, we might be the perfect solution for all your needs.
We are offering WoW Classic ERA Gold on all servers! Our server list is up to date right now.
Buy WoW ERA gold around the clock with our 24/7 Service & Sale.
No account registration is required & you do not have to pay additional fees upon checking out!

Why buy Classic ERA Gold here?

There are many reasons why you should buy Wow Classic ERA gold here.
First of all, we have stock available for both alliance and horde. Our delivery speed is insanely fast as we have a great group of gold suppliers, so you don't have to wait days for your delivery.
All our gold is handfarmed, we do not allow any kind of supplier or person to use a program to farm gold, to maintain safety.
Third, our prices remain very competitive, especially for bigger amounts.
FOuth, We have 4 different delivery methods, so whichever is your preference we can perform it.
Fifth, we are one of the remaining gold suppliers for WoW Classic ERA, where most people stopped, we went on.

Which Classic ERA servers are supported

We can be clear on this part, all servers are supported.
Please keep in mind that some servers are rather dead right now, but they are connected/clustered to each other now, so that means we can deliver the gold on low-populated servers still.