Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

When you are using our services, you are trusting us with your information. Our privacy policy service is meant to describe what data we are collecting, the reason behind collecting it, and what we are using your information for.

What information are we collecting?

First of all, we collect your personal data. When you place an order, your name, email address, or any other contact info will be stored in our database.
We also collect your Character name in case you place a gold order on our webshop.
When you place an order, your IP address will also be recorded. The reason behind that is because we want to make sure all transactions through our website are authorized.
We do NOT save or record any game in log data such as in log user and passwords.

How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal data to give us a better impression of your activities on our website. We use this information to develop and improve our services for you.
We do NOT share any personal data with other customers, companies, or anything else.
However, there are 2 exceptions;
the first exception to this rule are unauthorized transactions or transactions with fraudulent purposes, you give us permission to share this info with third-party companies who process your payments such as PayPal for example.
You will also give us permission to share your personal data with public authorities or government institutions in case we are forced to take these actions. Also in case public authorities or government institutions demand us to disclose information.

Collected statistical data

We also collect statistical data, however, is this data is non-personal and that remains anonymous.
This nonpersonal data is stored separately from your collected personal data. This means your personal data is protected at any time.


When you are visiting our website, there is a chance we will store information on your device in form of cookies. These cookies are small files sent from the internet server into your browser and will be stored on your computer’s hard drive. Besides the internet protocol address, nothing will be stored. So no personal data is involved.
By accepting our cookies you will experience a better working website because our website will register your visit. Your navigation through our website will go smoothly.

You can also visit our website without using cookies. In that case, we will not register your device the next time you visit us. Please note that you may experience difficulties with navigating through our website.


First of all, our website is SSL certified. This is required to keep all your sensitive information safe.
We also took safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to any sensitive information.

Data Protection

We also reserve the right to add new protection options and to alter certain safety measures.