WoW Classic Hardcore

WoW Classic Hardcore Boost

Are you playing WoW Classic Hardcore but facing problems leveling the character yourself? No problem! We are here to help you out with this problem. So in case you have been looking for terms like "Buy WoW Classic HC boost", "WoW Classic Hardcore boost", "Buy Boost Classic Harcore" or "WoW Classic Hardcore boost you've come to the right page. We are here to offer any kind of boosting service.
On this page, you can find the following boosting options; Powerleveling, Professions, and Attunements.

Which services can I find here?

We have several services available for WoW Classic Hardcore. We will give some general info about these services.
Powerleveling: Basically we will be leveling your character from level X to level X.
Professions: We will train your desired professions from level X too.
Attunements: Need access to a raid like Molten Core or Onxyia? No problem, we will do the quests which grant you access to this raid.

What happens if you die during the boosting order?

We are responsible for the part you paid. For example, if you order level 20 to level 35 for X amount, we are responsible for this amount in levels. So for example we take your level 20-35 order, and we die at level 31, we could re-level the character based on the levels equivalent to the amount you paid. So we would not level your character from level 1 till 35 as we did not receive your payment for the level 1-20 part
So in case we die, you can either pay for the level 1-20 part as well, or you can level it to level 20 again and we would do the level 20-35 again.