WoW Classic Hardcore

The very moment is near, finally Blizzard will open brand new Hardcore WoW Classic servers. Do you have what it takes? We are here to help you whenever you may need us. In case you are in need of gold, items ect we can assist you with that.

WoW Classic Hardcore Gold

Are you looking forward to the WoW Classic Hardcore release on the 24th of August? Stay tuned for updates soon. We will offer all the gold you need during your hardcore journey through Azeroth. So in case you have been googling for terms like "Buy WoW Classic HC gold", "WoW Classic Hardcore gold", "Classic Hardcore gold" or "WoW HC Classic gold" you've visited the right page. Right now, the server names are not known, however as soon they are announced we will add them here.

Buy WoW Classic HC Gold

Why would you buy gold for WoW Classic Hardcore? Well the answer is quite easy, when you are leveling, you are required with great safety. However, when you have some gold you are able to buy safety items such as consumables and ask players for help in exchange for gold or anything else, making it a lot easier for you to hit level 60 at some point. So buying gold is probably a wise decision.

How do you deliver WoW Classic Gold?

We can deliver the Classic HC gold in various ways, as we can deliver the gold with 4 different delivery methods. The first method is face-2-face, this means we will meet you up in the game and we will trade the gold to you in the trade window. The second method is our in-mail mailing method, we will go to the mailbox and send the gold to you. Our third method is the auction house method, with this method, you will be able to list several items on the AH and we will buy the auctions you posted. The last method is our item method. Basically, we will buy items from the AH from random players and send them to you, and you will be able to resell or use these items.