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On the following page, you will be able to find all New World Accounts for sale. On this page, you will find NW Accounts on all available regions, which are NA East, NA West, Central EU, South America & Australian servers.
This page will be updated as soon as new accounts are being added. You can expect this page to be daily updated.
Currently, New World, powered by Amazon & Microsoft is a big hype. Millions of active players are fighting their way through Aeternum. This leveling process from level 1 till 60 may take a long time, so expect to quest and grind a lot.
Of course, there are ways to skip this leveling process. For example, you can purchase an account from this page. All these accounts have been obtained with care, which means we verify the old owner for any kind of suspicious activity.
What exactly will you receive when purchasing a New World account? Basically, we will provide the steam login information. Which you will keep in full control. You will be able to change the email, password and put your steam guard authenticator on the account for maximum security.
We will be offering lots of different accounts. They could be mid-level, around 30/40, or they can be end-level 60. This means you can play endgame PVE content.
So in case you went to google and searched for "New World Account", " Buy NW Account" or "New World accounts for sale" you may hit the correct page.
At MMOprovider we have all these accounts in our possession. Which means we do not list them for third parties. This also means you do not have to wait tireless hours to receive your account info. But as long we're online you receive the information almost instantly.
All accounts have been covered by our Warranty Policy, so no worries when you are about to log in to your brand new account.

How to buy a New World Account?

Buying a New World account is a very quick and smooth process. Basically, you are not buying an account, you are buying a Steam account. This Steam account contains a purchased New World. In some cases, it also contains other games, it really depends on the old owner, who sold this account originally to us. So what kind of information will you receive upon purchasing one of our New World accounts listed on this page? You will receive the following information: Steam user/ID, Steam password, linked email address, and the email address password. You are free to add your phone to the Steam account after you purchased it. You can even change the email address on your Steam account. After you made the purchase we usually deliver the account within 20 minutes, along the order has been made during operational hours of the manager on this webshop.

Is it safe to buy a New World Account?

Let's be honest, theoretically, any account you purchase could be banned. Since it is against the Terms of Use of Steam and New World to buy/sell your NW Account. However, these ban chances are very low. There are millions of accounts and along you do not yell in the community or act very strange in-game, you will not be under suspicion, and thus, it is safe to play your brand new account.
The same case applies to potential account recalls. You see, these Steam accounts are not bound to any kind of person. (Unlike battlenet from WoW for example) Making it pretty much impossible to retrieve your Steam account. Of course, theoretically, it is still possible to retrieve your account, but it requires very detailed information.
Conclusion: it is pretty safe to purchase a New World account. At MMOprovider. we verify our potential account offers and sellers to prevent fraudulent activity. You should not be worried about the account being stolen during your gameplay.

Why buy a New World Account?

There are various reasons why someone could purchase a New World Account instead of level one. The most key factor is time.
Let's say you have a full-time job but are eager to play New World, how are you planning to level this account when time is limited? At this point, you may want to consider purchasing an NW account instead of training it yourself.
Leveling your character in New World could take many months when your time is limited. Instead, buying an account will probably take about 10 minutes. Price/time-wise it could be very beneficial to buy an account because it could probably take a few business days at maximum to afford an account on our site. In case you rather have an account in your own name, perhaps our Leveling boost feature might be the perfect solution for you.