Lost Ark

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Are you ready to become boosted on your Lost Ark Action-MMORPG character?
Lost Ark is an Action-MMORPG that can be categorized as an activity game. It can be compared to games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Guil Wars 2, but with advanced skill mechanics from Path of Exile and League of Legends.
It has great and hardcore PVE and PVP mechanics and components. It's all about farming and doing dungeons/raids. They could become boring over time. Yet the game will most likely be very addictive.
Lost Ark MMO-ARPG is expected to be a very time-consuming game. It will require a lot of time, skill, and dedication to obtain the levels you require.
In this game, you are the adventurer which will meet a lot of glory battles and troubles during your journey in the amazing world of Lost Ark.
In order to become the best player in PVE or PVP battles, you may require certain features, such as levels, weapons, professions, and anything else basically.
On this page, you will be able to place a Pre-order for your Lost Ark character.

What kind of Lost Ark Boosts can I purchase?

There are a lot of boosting opportunities for your character in this beautiful game.
A few examples of boosts can be found here:
Farming resources
Leveling your profession skills
Buy leveling XP boosts, such as 1-50 or any customer level you can think of
Attending global World Bosses events
Joining dungeons and offering gearing services
Attending high rating Arena Battles

In addition to the services mentioned above, there are other Lost Ark boosts that you could consider.
Farming different Lost Ark currencies on your character
Grinding NPC's affinity
Completing daily/weekly quests
Earning specific achievements

What kind of professions can I train in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, there are 6 different professions you can learn. And all of them require for fast and quality progressing of your character.
All professions will provide to you bonuses like Gathering - potions, Lumbering - Stronghold Upgrades, Mining will give you the opportunity to obtain powerful weapons and deadly bombs for your future glorious victories, Hunting - food and equipment for your character, Fishing - food, Archaeology - exciting stories of this world and powerful upgrades for your equipment.

What kind of activities can I do in Lost Ark?

- Attending great PVP Arena Battles and MOBA-like Guild Wars
- Doing amazing endless open-world events with a huge number of players
- Crafting the powerful weapons and equipment
- Leveling your character and enjoying a huge number of quests
- Farming endless hours to obtain the gear and weapons you always wanted

These activities mentioned above can be familiar to you when you have some experience playing other MMO games.
There is a lot of media attention to this game and the game developers know for their successful projects. So nothing stands in their way to develop a great Action-MMO game.

Who is boosting your Lost Ark character?

The boosting team of MMOprovider consists of many skilled MMO veteran players. Even though Lost Ark is a new game for European and North American players, our boosters are already experienced with closed beta tests and the previous versions of the game, which were released for Asian regions. Their expertise with playing MMOs goes beyond the average player. We aim to be playing with the best boosters only. We will be playing endless hours on your boosted character to make sure both you and we are satisfied. We have a great reputation on the other games such as World of Warcraft, New World when it comes to boosting. So we will do the same on this game.