1. Who is MMOprovider?

MMOprovider is a company specialized in World of Warcraft Services. Basically we offer any kind of World of Warcraft services, such as accounts, gold & boosting. We are a company based in the Netherlands. We are completely legally operating and also registered at the Chamber of Commerce and subjected to Dutch/European law.

2. Why should i use your services?

Real money trading in gaming related services is an unregulated business. Which means it is legal to operate, however there are no specific rules by law. So basically when you purchase a virtual item you will not be protected by law and it is vurnable against scammers. That's why it is important to use a trusted service like we are.

3. Why should i trust you?

MMOprovider has been trading on EpicNPC and Ownedcore over 3 years by now. We have done thousands of succesful transactions with WoW accounts, virtual currency and powerleveling. The reviews/feedback speak for themselves.

4. This is my first time using your service, how does it work?

First of all, you will be able to add your desired product to the shopping cart. When you go to our shopping cart you will be asked to put in your contact details, which can be Skype, Discord or your email adres. You will also be asked to send the payment. For now, we only accept PayPal. You can also use your credit/debit card to make the payment through PayPal. Once the payment is completed we will recieve a notification of your order. We will contact you through the contact details you provided. We will provide you with further instructions from there on. For more purchasing info, please check our 'How it works'

5. Is your gold & powerleveling done by hand?

Yes, all our services are handmade. We are heavily against the usage of any kind of hacking or software program.

6. Can I get banned for using your services?

Theoractially yes, since it is against the ToS of the game. However, the chances are very very low and we would do our very best to keep you safe!

7. Do you offer Warranty for your services?

Yes we do. Our accounts have been verified and they are safe. However, theoractially it is possible that an account get’s recalled by the original owner. If you can clearly proof that this has happened, we issue a full refund in case it happens within 50 days from the initial purchase. However we pick our accounts with care and recalls are also very minimal. There are security tools which will properly secure your account.
We do not offer warranty on bans, because you know it is against their ToS beforehand.

8. Is it possible to turn in WoW accounts?

Yes it is! When you have an account you don't wish to play any longer, you will be able to use it as credit towards any of our services.

9. Why is the turn in price considerably lower than your selling prices?

The main reason why the differences between our selling and buying prices are quite big, are because of the high costs we have. As a legal company, we have to deal with costs such as VAT ( Value added tax ) and dutch income tax.
We also have other costs such as Paypal fees and overhead costs such as webshop maintenance

10. I want to place an order, why don't you ask for my character name?

First of all, we want to point out that our website is very safe, and we took many measures to keep it as safe as possible. We don't ask for your character name so it does not getting saved in our database. This way nobody will ever be able to track your character.

11. Your website says i can claim gold for free upon purchasing an account, how does it work?

Every time you purchase an account from our website you have the opportunity to claim gold for free. The reason we say "claim" is because we let you decide whether you wish to pick the gold or not. Gold trading is against the Terms of Service, so you have to be aware of that. When accepting our free gold, you are willing to accept the responsibilities in terms of risking your in game characters.

12. All prices are in EUR, how do i send the payment as non-EU?

You are able to checkout through Paypal on our webshop. Paypal will automatically convert the EUR prices into your main currency.

13. What payment options do i have?

Through our website we are able to accept Paypal only. Basically you add the product to your cart and checkout through Paypal. Don't have Paypal? Don't worry! you can checkout with your debit/creditcard through our Paypal Express option.
We will be able to accept new options very soon, such as Bitcoin, Skrill & Any kind of Bank transfers. Please contact us for more information.