WoW Season of Discovery

What is the WoW Season of Discovery?

On the 30th of November 2023, something amazing is going to happen. The time has arrived that Blizzard decided to open a brand new Vanilla-based WoW Game called Season of Mastery!
Season of Mastery will bring you many new features and changes to the original version of 2004.
Below we will give you a breakdown of things you may expect this upcoming release.

What kind of features WoW Season of Discovery will offer?

WoW, SoD will offer many new features which had been announced at the Blizzcon 2023 stage.
First of all, WoW Season of Discovery will offer unique class changes. For example. you will be able to tank as a warlock, heal as a mage, and many other features by other classes.
The level cap will be set to level 25, so the XP rates will be aligned. After level 25, the level cap will be increased over time. The reason is that everybody can play at the same kind of levels so it's easier to play PVE content.
New Dungeon & Raid features: Experience 10-man BLackfathom Deep runs and new reimagined bosses and loot. Many thanks are yet to be discovered, Blizzard will release more information over time

Why should I try out WoW Season of Discovery?

There are many reasons why you may want to consider trying this brand-new expansion. First of all this WoW Expansion is somewhat mixing current WoW Retail features, like spells and mechanics, and combining it with the old classic style of leveling and content.
Another great reason is the unpredictable part of this game, nobody knows ( except Blizzard ) what's going to happen with this game. It is safe to assume that new raids will launch and they will be based on nowadays difficulties ( not to compare with their 2004 version )
One of the problems the old Wow classic had was their unbalanced classes and many classes had their limitations to do certain PVE content. With this new WoW SoD release, you can expect classes to be more balanced and you will be able to pick your own role despite your class preferences.