WoW Classic ERA

What is WoW Classic ERA?

On the 26th of August 2019, something massive happened; the big release of World of Warcraft Classic!
This magical event stole the hearts of many WoW veterans, as well as many new WoW players.
On this day you once had the opportunity to relive this 15-year-old game. Back to the day when it all started. Finally, you will see your level 1 character again in a new state. With mere armor or anything else, you step into Azeroth once more.
World of Warcraft Classic ERA was known for its 40-man raids, hardcore XP/mats grinds, and endless PVP grinding to obtain these adored PVP titles
You will also notice how hard the leveling process will be. It may take some months before you actually hit level 60 on your WoW Classic account.
WoW Classic is one of the most time-consuming expansions, so if you are in need of any assistance in Azeroth we will be there for you
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