WoW Dragonflight

On the 28th of November 2022 something magical is about to happen; the brand new-Dragonflight expansion is set to release!
Are you as hyped as we are? This brand new expansion will grand you many new features to unlock. On this page, we will give you some more information about this upcoming expansion.

What can we expect?

WoW Dragonflight will have a new zone to be discovered named THe Dragon Isles, these Isles are home to the Dragon Aspects, ( blue, black, red, bronze and green dragons will return to the isles to become the guardians of Azeroth.
The level cap will increase from level 60 to 70. There will be new dungeons/raids as well. And something called "Primal Incarnate raid will go live too.
The storyline will be more grounded and less cosmic without further notice.
A brand new race will be added! called the Dracthyr, which is a dragon race.
Keep in mind that the Dracthyr will only be able to be played as an Evoker class. which is some sort of DPS/healer race with the use of draconical abilities.
Dragonflight will also includes a brand new skill called Dragonriding. With Dragonriding, players will be allowed to travel to Dragon Isles' vertical map designs, and it will show many customizations of new physics-oriented flying mechanics.
In the near future, Blizzard may also add new PVP dragon Races to the game.
Blizzard will put more focus on the core systems, it will revamp the professions to make them more collaborative.
The old-school talent system will also return to this expansion.
This is not all, Blizzard will add new features in upcoming months.

WoW Dragonflight Storyline

The Dragonflight expansion is based on the legendary dragon aspects, as they seem to want to reclaim their lost power and ambition to become the guardians of Azeroth again.
The shapers of the universe, the Titans, vanquished the old gods beneath the ground and called up the proto-dragon beasts. In the past, there was a draconic beast called Galakrond which terrorized Azeroth. The titan called Tyr teamed up with some rebel proto-dragons and they defeated Galakrond.
Tyr decided to empower these rebel proto-dragons into fully magical dragons, to protect Azeroth against evil. Each of these dragons has its own special abilities. Everything went fine, until the black dragon, called Deathwing used his powers to cause a huge cataclysm in the world of Azeroth.
Regarding the PVE content, it is yet to determine who will be the main enemy of the WoW players. One of the raids will take place in the black dragon blight sanctum, to battle the last assistance of Deathwing,

New zones

There are several new zones to discover, we will provide a list of zones here.
The first zone will be the Waking Shores, this is the zone the player will start their adventure. There will be factions to pick from, such as Explorer's League and The Reliquary. This zone will also feature awesome ducks.
The second zone is the Ohn'ahran Plains, this zone is named after the wild god Ohn'ahra of the wind. This is an ancient centaur who lived there for thousands of years. Players will be able to learn the traditions and culture of the local tribes.
The third zone is the Azure span, this will become one of the biggest zones out there. It is the home zone of the blue flight. It will contain huge redwood trees and a densely forested area. Players can meet up with the Tuskarr race.
Thaldraszus is the fourth zone and will show the architecture which is left behind by the Titans. This zone is the home of the five Dragonflight's seat of power.
The main city will be named Valdrakken, this city is located in Thaldraszus and will feature public auction houses
The last zone is the Forbidden Reach, which will be the new starting zone for players who which to roll dracthyr. It was home to Neltharion once.

New dungeons/raids

Blizzard announced new dungeons and raids for WoW Dragonflight, the following dungeons or raids will be added.
The first tian dungeon is Uldaman, which is making its return in Dragonflight. Players have to explore the undiscovered tombs.
Nelttharus is an ancestral stronghold of the black Dragonflight. Players will battle Djaradin to take control of the bastion.
A third dungeon will be Life Pools, there is little known yet about this dungeon.
Primal Incarnates raids are some sort of prison of the Primal Incarnates, perhaps this prison is the home of Chromatus.

Important updates

Blizzard announced some important updates in Dragonflight compared to previous expansions Here is a summary of changes that may have a significant impact on the gameplay.
There are no more restrictions to play classes. This means any race can now become a rogue, mage, or priest. So for example, taurens can become rogues too
New compelling PVP seasonal content is expected
Many features will be account wide, such as reputation and dragon-riding professions, so you don't have to level it on each alt.