New World MMO

What is New World?

On the 31st of August 2021, something magical is about to happen. Amazon & Microsoft joined forces to create a brand new MMORPG called " New World"
So what kind of MMO is this game?
Well first of all you will be playing on an Open-World MMO. This World is filled with dungeons, monsters, dangerous activities, PVP battles, and many more amazing things to find out.
This fantasy game will be based on the mid-1600s century. This fictional land is based on the colonial ages in America and the Atlantic Ocean.
In order to play New World, you are not required to buy a subscription-like on World of Warcraft, but instead, you will need to buy the game just once.

How's New World's Gameplay?

In order to play, you will have to form groups of up to 5 other members. There are 3 different factions you can join, which are called Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant. These groups will be required in order to fight other players or monsters.
You can also gather a lot of resources in-game, such as ores, trees, and fish. These materials will be used for your crafting skills. Which can be used for weapons, armor, and other consumables for fighting events.
Just like on WoW and Runescape for example, you will also have to complete many Quests in this open world. This leveling process will take quite some time so expect to do a lot of quests. This World is going to be very big as well, so grab your map and go explore this amazing world.

Please keep in mind that in order to attack a monster of a player you need a steady hand because attacks are not auto-locked, but instead you will have to aim precisely. Every time you upgrade your level the hostile mobs will be more complex to defeat. Just like on WoW, you will notice familiar stats such as mana, stamina, dodge, block, parry, and more stuff like that.
The same applies to skills. There will be known skills such as Weaponsmithing, Engineering, Armoring, Jewelcrafting, Cooking, Smelting, Leatherworking, and many more professions.
There are no in-game mounts for quick traveling, instead, there are ways to increase your speed with your avatar.

New World Account

Once you are playing New World you may witness it will take you a very long time to achieve certain goals in-game. So you may want to wonder whether it's more efficient to be playing all the way on your own, or if you might want to purchase an account instead. When you decide to purchase an account you will be the second owner. Basically, you will obtain the previous owners' Steam account. When you obtain the Steam account you will be able to change all required information so it's your personal account. Please make sure you bookmark our New World Account page, as we will add accounts whenever we have them. We can instantly deliver them as we personally own them. All of these accounts have their warranty policy applied, so you do not have to worry about scammers. All accounts have been verified with care. These accounts can be rather fresh accounts up till endgame accounts.

New World Boost

Within New World, you will have to play a lot on your avatar to become one of the best players on the server. In order to achieve this, you will have to train your crafting skills, combat abilities, and doing a massive number of quests/dungeons/raids, and anything else you can think of to become the end-game player you always wanted to be. At New World, you are also required to train stats such as Strenght, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. Once you log in for the first time you will start with 5 points in each stat. You can level them up, but that will take you many months/years even to achieve. At this point, MMOprovider is here to help you out by boosting your avatar on New World.

Are you prepared?

As soon as this game launches we will start providing our services. This can be boosting, accounts, or NW coins. Please keep a close eye on, this page or contact us for more information. From time to time we may change the information on this webshop in order to optimize our New World services for you.