WoW Private Server

What are WoW Private servers?

Besides the official WoW servers, do you also have many WoW Private servers out there?
So, what are these WoW private servers?

Well, these WoW private servers are run by a bunch of WoW fanatics who wanted to relive older WoW Expansions. Often these private servers are nonprofit organizations, looking to create a nice atmosphere for classic WoW players to maintain a great community like it once was. Sometimes these private servers run with profit intentions, however, this is mainly the case to keep the server alive and to maintain a decent quality of these private servers.
Most private servers are offering WoW Vanilla, The Burning Crusade, or Wrath of the Lich King content. There are also versions of modified Classic servers, such as Duskhaven & Turtle WoW.
There are many players on these servers combined because the official retail WoW is not offering these expansions to WoW players anymore.
These expansions mentioned above were considered to be the most popular WoW Expansions of all time.
On this page, you will find an overview of the most popular World of Warcraft private servers out there.
We have services for Vanilla, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm private servers.
We support over 15 private servers and as soon as another one opens we will be there to provide our services. This list once started back in 2015(!), when Nostalrius made their appearance in the Classic WoW Scene, but after their great success, they fell apart due to legal issues. However, that didn't stop the wow private server community from playing wow private servers. Many new private servers have arrived since then. Below we will provide a nice summary of active servers right now.

The following active wow private server list is :

Warmane Icecrown, Lordaeron & Icecrown
Nighthaven PVP
Stormforge Mistblade & Netherwing
Shadowmoon Sunstrider
Moonwell TBC
Everlook Vanilla
Turtle WoW
Whitemane Maelstrom
Helios MoP

WoW private server accounts

Are you looking to step into the private servers scene? At our WoW Private server account section you will find many accounts, as of now, we have around 500 accounts combined on all private servers out there. We are constantly increasing our account offers as we know there is a lot of demand for such accounts. As soon a new server pops up, we are around the corner to add this server to our inventory and start offering these accounts.
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Most of these accounts were leveled for selling purposes only. So they are safe to purchase and play.
For example, servers like Turtle WoW, Everlook Vanilla, and Stormforge Netherwing are very popular right now, its a good decision to look into them.
The accounts we are offering are of any kind of quality, they can be fresh geared, raid geared, PVP geared or just leveling equipment as in twinks or mid-leveled characters to get you started.
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WoW Private server gold

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Currently, the most hyped servers are Everlook Vanilla, Turtle WoW, Stormforge Netherwing & Maelstrom Whitemane

Wow private server Boosts

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