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What is WoW TBC?

In 2021 something massive is going to happen. The Dark Portal will once open again for all Classic WoW Heroes! World of Warcraft ; The Burning Crusade Classic is the long awaited expansion for any WoW Veteran. This expansion was known for its extreme difficulty and amazing storyline.
In case you've played on WoW Classic already, you may transfer your characters later this year to these brand new TBC servers. So, are you prepared? Well, the answer is probably no yet. Now is the time to prepare yourself for this expansion. You may yet want to gear, farm gold or get reputation on your WoW Classic character before you enter the Dark Portal. Especially during the leveling process you may see alot of warfare. There is alot of new things to discover in TBC, such as 25 man hardcore raids, Heroic dungeons, new reputation farm, or this these amazing flying mounts. For PVP you can finally enter the arena to show your skills and obtain the best PVP equipment.
Currently the Beta version is still running. So we still have to wait for this release. Most likely your participation is required during summer 2021.
However we all know TBC is probably the most time consumable expension out there. Not to mention the extreme difficulty in PVE battles.
At MMOprovider we are here to help you out with WoW TBC Gold, the best TBC WoW Accounts & any kind of TBC WoW Boost you can think of!

WoW TBC Accounts

One of the most difficult tasks is going to be the time consuming leveling process in Outland. You require alot of XP to hit level 70. Not to mention the huge number of players running around in Outland and you might get slaughtered every 5 minutes. Or you simply want to do these amazing raids and skip the (heroic) dungeon leveling part. Whatever your desire is, at MMOprovider we are here to supply you with the best & secure WoW TBC accounts. From day 1 of TBC release we will try to add as many as TBC accounts to our webshop. Our account stock will have any kind of accounts. From fresh 70s to the best endgame characters. We will support all servers, both US & Europe Region. Another great feature is that we have access to these accounts right away. So you do not have to wait hours for some third party to get the account delivered. We are fully responsible for the accounts we offer and are entitled to our Warranty Policy. Our TBC Account page will be updated every day.

Why pick a TBC Account over Powerleveling service?

There are serveral reasons why you should purchase a WoW TBC account over ordering TBC Powerleveling boost instead. First of all, you will get your account instantly at your desired level and equipment. During our operational hours this means you basically purchase an account and 5 minutes later you are in game already. You can purchase a server transfer and rename the character to your own liking. You will gain access of the entire battlenet account. Another reason might be the price. Overall, buying a ready to play account is cheaper compared to ordering separate boosts for your own account. Another valid reason is our warranty policy. In a very very rare case an account can be recalled. Yet in that case you may still be covered by our warranty policy.

Sell WoW TBC Account

Not only we're selling a huge number of WoW TBC accounts. You may also wish to sell one of yours instead. We're offering you the perfect solution for this. As you can instantly sell your WoW TBC account here for instant payment. You may want to visit our sell accounts form for more information. We will buy any kind of account through PayPal. Please keep in mind that you have to meet all seller requirements in order to sell it. Another great feature we offer is our Account store credit program. This literally means you can turn in your account for credits towards any other account. So basically you can keep switching accounts whenever you want. Aslong there are no transfer cooldowns involved we may be able to accept your TBC account as turn in value.

WoW TBC Gold

As we have mentioned in our intro, WoW The Burning Crusade is the most challenging classic expansion out there. You may have been checking on terms of like "Buy WoW TBC Gold", "TBC WoW Gold" or "TBC Classic gold". Well, we can assure that you came to the correct page.
Unlike WoW Vanilla, TBC PVE content is much harder. It will require alot of consumables and tactical preparation to be something of worth to your guild. Expect many wipes on these PVE raids aswell. You may also want to get some proper equipment before you enter these raids.
Whether it is consumables, equipment or certain reputation. Anything you want will consume alot of time and WoW Gold!
So you may have the option to farm gold, you can try to farm some primals in game, along with 50 other farmers. And surely at the end of the day you have enough gold to step into this raid.
However, do you want to farm all day to access the raid? The answer is probably no. Also, not everybody has time to farm gold due to real life duties.
At MMOprovder we are ready to take care of all these TBC Gold issues you may have stepped into. We deliver gold on all TBC servers, offer gold on both Horde & Alliance and we have a fine selection of delivery methods you can choose of.
We will be offering several gold packages along with many payment options. Our standard delivery time is usually about 15-30 minutes. Why do we have such delivery times on most servers? Well, we have a big & dedicated gold farming team to make this happen.

WoW TBC Boost

As we've already mentioned before, the difficulty level of TBC is not like its Vanilla counterpart. TBC will require somewhat skill to achieve certain equipment on your character. Whether it is completing raid encounters, doing fierce arena PVP battles of gaining any kind of special equipment. Any of these tasks will take some time and practice to complete.
So you've probably looked at google for some terms like "Buy TBC boost", "TBC WoW Boost" or "Buy TBC Classic boost". Well, you've hit the right page for that.
At MMOprovider we can assist you with any kind of WoW Boost, such as ; Powerleveling, professions, reputation farm, PVP carry boosts, attunements and anything else. So how exactly does this work? Well, its pretty easy to understand how we manage your character to hit the goal you seek. When it comes to Powerleveling, we basically do quests, run dungeons or kill monsters to receive XP. You will also keep all items and gold we obtain during this leveling process. We can also level professions along the road, such as grinding professions such as herbalism and mining. In case you want a more challenging profession such as engineering or blacksmithing, we can do these aswell. WoW The burning crusade is also known for long grinding events to get reputation with your faction. When you hit certain reputation milestones, you will be able to pick new armour or weapons.
Next stop is the PVP carry boosts. In TBC you can obtain amazing PVP equipment by running arena games. We have a great boosting team who can get an amazing arena ranking. Hitting 2k+ rating is no problem.
In TBC you also require attunements to hit amazing raids. Such as Karazhan, Serpentshine Cavern or Tempest Keep. We are here to assist with these long quest lines, so you can instantly enter the raids instead of doing quests for days.
So no stress, we're here to boost your character in no time. So save alot of time and feel free to contact us for more information about our WoW TBC Boosting services

World of Warcraft ; The Burning Crusade Classic; Are you prepared?

The high word is out! WoW The Burning Crusade is set to release on the 1st of june 2021! This massive new adverture in Outland will blow your mind. Currently we're in full preparation for TBC release. Whether it is an Acount, a boost or gold you seek, we will be there for you as soon the Dark Portal opens its gates.