WoW Classic Hardcore

WoW Classic Hardcore

On the 24th of August 2023, the long-awaited WoW Classic Hardcore version was released. This new chapter of WoW Classic is a very welcome one. Why is it so important to have a Hardcore version of the WoW Classic, which originally started in 2004?
The answer is pretty simple; players need a challenge!
WoW Classic remains very popular among its player base, however, the difficulty from 2004 no longer applies to gamers nowadays, After years of training and gaming, players need a more challenging version of these old games. So Blizzard decided to come up with something special; WoW Classic Hardcore

What's new in WoW Classic Hardcore?

Let us start with the most important factor, you are not allowed to die, in case you die you end up in ghost mode and you will not be able to revive anymore
Once you die, you will be given the choice to remain chilling in the Classic Hardcore server, or you can get a free transfer to the Classic ERA regular servers.
Regarding PVP, you will no longer be flagged for PVP when you attach another player, instead, you have to type /pvp in order to engage in PVP battles. This is done so you are not being "tricked" to enter PVP mode and die at the hands of other players.
PVP battlegrounds are disabled too, you are not able to gain honor.

Anything else I need to know about WoW Classic Hardcore?

The answer is yes, there are more adjustments compared to the classic ERA version.
- PVP Battlegrounds are disabled
- PVP Quests are updated
- High-level mobs will reset when taken to lower-level areas
- Dungeon lockout; there is a 24-hour lockout timer
- No more buff/debuff limits
- Bubble heart ( paladin bubble + hearthstone ) is no longer working
- Victory trophies added
- All content phases unlocked

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