WoW Season of Mastery

On the 16th of November 2021 the day finally arrived you all have been waiting for; WoW Season of Mastery!
Once upon a time in 2019 everybody was delighted by the long-awaited WoW Classic servers. However, one of the aspects the WoW community did not approve of was the difficulty of this WoW Vanilla experience.
Now the time has finally come Blizzard decided to listen to the community by launching WoW Classic Hardcore Mode!

The main differences between WoW Season of Mastery and WoW Classic
The entire timeline should be within 12 months, so Blizzard increases experience gain rate from the quests, but at the same time nerfing dungeon boosting.
Developers have finally decided to deal with the problem of botting and dungeon boosting. And so they are nerfing the pickpocketing mechanic by limiting the number of pickpockets per dungeon.
Also, Blizzard decides to nerf mage dungeon farming - now a lot of enemies in dungeons will have immune to slow effect.
This version of the game will start with PVP system and Battlegrounds at the release date. The PVP system will also be adjusted for new timeline, so the ranking will not take as long in WoW Classic. However, it will still not be easy!

Finally, Blizzard does what the community asks since announcing WoW Classic and they return the old mechanics and make PVE raids harder!
Developers turn off world buff mechanic in the PVE raids and increase the difficulty of almost all encounters, and they are removed debuff slot mechanic. This change will give a chance for some new specs and classes to be viable in PVE.

That's not all, developers add hardcore-mode in WoW Season of Mastery for leveling and PVE.
The new Soul of Iron feature will give you a chance to run all of the content without death, in case if you fail this challenge you can try it again with a new character, but your current character will be still available to play.

Also, Blizzard increases the amount of all herbs and ore nodes, so leveling your professions will be a bit faster!

In conclusion, I would like to say WoW Season of Mastery will be an interesting experience for casual players and a real challenge for hardcore players, who think the previous WoW Classic version was too easy and annoying because world buffs and deleted or nerfed game mechanics.
So WoW Season of Mastery is a pure Vanilla experience but in a short time!