Account store credit program

Account store credit program

MMOprovider account store credit program

Are you interested in an account from our shop, but do you have too many accounts already? Then you may like our account-turn in program!

How exactly does this system works?

For example ; you want to buy account “A” from our webshop which costs 100 euro for example.
You can’t/want to spend 100 euros on this account, but you do you have an account you barely play or want to get rid of.
Basically you can give us a detailed description of this particular account, for which we will give you a quote.
Let’s say you want to sell account “B” to us. For this particular account we offer you 50 euro cash OR 65 credits.
The credits (65 in this example) can be used to receive discount on the account you wanted to buy ( Account “A”)
1 store credit equals 1 EUR.

So how will this transaction be executed?

1. You turn in account “B”, which we will check and confirm.
2. After the confirmation, we will lower the price of account “A” by 65 to 35 euro.
3. You checkout through our webshop.
4. We will process your payment and provide the login details of account “A”
5. Deal done!

What are the benefits of our program?

1. Time efficiency ; you will obtain and sell an account within 20 minutes!
2. Safety : we have a great reputation on the internet, so there is no need to be worried about fraud issues when buying and selling your account.
3. You can turn in an account as many times as you want
4. Our terms of service do also apply to this program; means you have a 50 day warranty on hacked/reclaimed accounts. ( Keep in mind that we do our very best to obtain legit accounts, so chances are very minimal you would end up in this situation)


Are there any restrictions ?

You can only turn in 1 account per transaction. So for example ; you want to buy account “A”, so can’t turn in account “B” and “C” towards account “A”. So either account “B” or “C” can be turned in.
The account credit program is a discount feature. Its not meant as equal trading feature.

Why is there a difference in terms of value between the cash and the credit option?

You get more value in credits compared to the cash option, because you are investing/purchasing in/from our webshop.

I have an equal geared/quality account compared tot he webshop one, why do i have to pay extra?

We still run a business, not a charity. Also the webshop price also includes : income taxes, value-added taxes, webshop/paypal costs. And the risk of ‘damaged’ accounts in terms of bans/in-game violations.