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At this page you can find an overview of all New World Servers. All Regions; NA East & West, Central EU, Australia & South America are included. New World Coins, also known als New World Gold, can be purchased on this page. All servers are supported. We offer 24/7 Service when it comes to selling NW coins/gold. Please use the search bar to navigate to the server you wish to buy any of our NW services. Make sure you are online, because we can only send or trade the coins when you are logged in.

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Buy New World Coins

On the 28th of September 2021, this amazing MMO New World will open its gates. This game can be purchased on Steam
In this massive open-world game you will see a lot of new stuff to explore. Make a wise choice between the three factions you can pick to conquer Aeternum Island.
In order to play on this server, you will require a lot of different resources, armor, weapons, food, and many more items.
In order to afford this kind of item, you will require New World Coins. These New World Coins can be used at the Auction house for any kind of your need.
This process of farming New World Coins is going to take a lot of time and stress.
New World Coins are also known as New World Gold. In order to buy NW Gold, you can simply navigate to your server on this page. This whole page consists of over 490 different New World servers!
At this part, MMOprovider is here to step in. You've probably been looking for terms like "New World Coins for sale", "Buy NW Coins" " Buy New World Coins" " NW Coins for sale" or "Cheap NW Coins. These searching terms may have re-directed you to this page.
Make sure to bookmark this page as you will probably be in need of NW coins as soon this amazing game launches

New World Gold for sale

There are many reasons why you might want to buy New World coins. This game is about surviving. Whether it is questing, PVPing, taking cities, or anything else. You can even buy your own house!
So it's most likely that you are in need of many coins. To afford these coins it's important that these coins are being offered at a fair price.
These NW coins will be split into 3 different kinds of coins, named Syndicate Coin, Covenant Coin, and Marauders Coin.
We are going to offer a huge stock of New World coins at a great price. Especially when you're looking for bulk amounts. All these coins are obtained with care and obtained by handmade farming. We have a large coin farming group at your service.
We're planning to offer these services for any kind of New World Server. Please check the server list below for our packages per server.
We will cover all regions around the globe.

How to buy and use New World Gold?

For convenience reasons we will be offering several delivery options for you to pick the New World Gold delivery.
We will offer in-game trading options, better known as face-2-face in any faction city.
We can also do the Trading Post method, which basically means you will be listing several items on this Trading Post.
Afterward, we will purchase these items you listed.
So buying coins in New World is very easy. You can select the server you play on. Go to the coin package you desire and afterward, you will be able to add it to your shopping cart.
Once you see your shopping cart you can still change the NW coin quantity to your liking.
As soon as the NW gold order has been placed we will contact you for further instructions.

Can I buy NW Coins for any faction?

The answer is yes! We will supply coins for all factions in New World. So whether you are playing as Marauder, Syndicate, or Covenant, we will be able to deliver.
Please make sure you select the correct faction on the order setup, as it could cause problems if you are not on the same faction as the coin supplier.
Also, keep in mind that our coin stock changes all the time. So at the very start, we might not be able to deliver. It would be wise to send us a message beforehand on the server and faction you play.
Are there any preferences for factions? The answer is no. Each faction has its own pros and cons and our coin prices are the same for any faction. We do not charge more or less for certain factions.
We do not support the trading post method as a trading method any longer as we can not confirm the character name when using this method.
So we will have to mail or trade the coins to your character on your desired faction.

Reasons why you should buy New World coins

In order to play New World at a decent level, you have to invest a lot of time in your character. In order to become a quality player, you are in need of many weapons, skills, food, equipment, and other beneficial attributes to your character. However, not everybody has time to achieve this.
At this point, you may have to consider how you're going to get the best out of your character in a less time-consuming option. We might be the perfect solution for your needs. At MMOprovider we are working around the clock to supply your character whenever you're in need of something. We can deliver coins, food, equipment and basically anything you could wish for. It could save you a lot of trouble in-game and time/money wise it's something much more effective to purchase NW Coins instead. Why spend many hours grinding when it's possible to outsource the boring part for a small compensation? Regardless of what your decision may be, we can fulfill your needs when you are having a hard time collecting the NW coins and equipment you require to get the most of your character in New World.

On which servers can I buy New World Coins? Check our massive list

When you log in on New World you have to select your region to play on. Currently, there are 5 different regions you can play: AP Southeast, SA East, US West, US East, and EU Central. The full list of servers will be updated to this page as soon they are confirmed. Currently, we have updated the full list of New World servers. This list includes over 485 different New World servers. And guess what, we can deliver New World Gold on any server! To give you a great summary of all available servers:
NA East:
Themiscyra, Cantahar, Aztlan, Taxche, Topan, Valhalla, Xibalba, Morrow, Locuta, Kroclea, Adlivun, Minda, Loloi, Kay Pacha, Mictlan, Ensipe, Dominora, Pyrallis, Eden, Maramma, Ute- Yomigo, Sitara, Hanan Pacha, Bibilary, Argadnel, Barataria, Silha, Calnogor, Falias, Moriai, Ruach, Heliopolis, Tritonis, Norumbega, Ys, Royllo, Ogygia, Tlalocab, Zuvendis, Atvatabar, Schera, Frislandia, Valgrind, Orun, Takamagahara, Aarnivalkea, Orofena, Olympus, Pleroma, Vingolf, Pahruli, Nunne Chaha, Oceana, Duguang, Rosetau, Carabas, Cedar Forst, Bleuscu, Euphrates, Brobdingnag, Maldonada, Tumtum, Glubbdubdrib, Tulgey Wood, Utensia, Castle of Steel, Macaria, City of Brass, Kaluwalhatian, Maca, Elphame, Chinvat, Andlang, Vidblain, Ydalir, Opona, Oponskoye, Belovodye, Iriy, Metnal, Lukomorye, Karpathenburg, Pluto, Charybdis, Ker-Is, Lemosyne, Savoya, Elaea, Maharloka, Irminsul, Neritum, Amsvartnir, Asphodel, Hufaidh, Omeyocan, Hy-Brasil, Nepenthe, Youming, Jiuyuan, Zugen, Santu, Yinfu, Maleas, Podesta, Jezirat al Tennyn, Antullia, Cibola, Bentusle, Brazir, Ohonoo, Mu, Lin Lin, Onkeion, Nolandia, Vyraj, Asmaida, Dis, Onogoro, Vlaanderen, Lesnik, Bembina, Boosaule, Boueima, Brittannula, Caeno, Cenculiana, Ceryneia, Deipnias, Difu, Dindymon, Diyu, Elelin, Empi, Eupana, Galunlati, Trapalanda, Harpagion, Hipposcene, Houssa, Huokang, Idadalmunon, Jiuquan, Jiuyou, Caerleon, Dinas Emrys, Himinbjorg, Amano Iwato, Aeaea, Balnibarbi, Bilskirnir, Briedablik, Cantref Gwaelod, Chicomoztoc, Emain Albach, Folkvangr, Tamoanchan and Vaitaran.
NA West:
Camelot, Kshira Sagara, Linnunrata, Mulitefao, Ptolemais, Celadon, Neno Kuni, Uku Pacha, El Dorado, Nidavellir, Vourukasha, Plancta, Riallo, Kronomo, Ferri, Sarragalla, Theleme, Tlillan-Tlapallan, Yggdrasil, Lilliput, Mag Mell, Aukumea, Diranda, Lintukoto, Pohjola, Mimisbrunnr, Midian, Samavasarana, Manghalour, Tuonela, Tarshish, Tayopa, Ophir Theta, Satanazes, Ortygia, Parima, Quanlu, Rivadeneyra, Taenarum, Rupes Nigra, Sannikov Land and Saknussemm.
Central EU:
Asgard, Duat, Eurytheia, Finias, Hades, Hellheim, Ekera, Gaunes, Abaton, Harmonia, Alastor, Fae, Slavna, Albraca, Elysium, Ganzir, Silpium, Utgard, Annwyn, Hyperborea, Sanor, Rocabarra, Sanor, Rocabarra, Zerzura, Amenti, Glyn Cagny, Tupia, Saena, Urdarbrunn, Penglai, Alfheim, Saba, Vainola, Lyonesse, Nysa, Bakhu, Ife, Melinde, Niflheim, Tanje, Baltia, Inferni, Muspelheim, Thule, Tir Na Nog, Barri, Idavoll, Runeberg, Naxos, Murias, Bifrost, Icaria, Nav, Bengodi, Kor, Bensalem, Iroko, Midgard, Ketumati, Una-bara, Jotunheim, Caer Sidi, Ishtakar, Metsola, Thrudheim, Vimur, Kvenland, Aaru, Gladsheim, Pyrandia, Vaikuntha, Panchaia, Charadra, Jumala, Takshasila, Diana's Grove, Ismarus Eta, Harpinna, Hippotae, Ismarus Theta, Pointland, Wonderland, Damalis, Nowhere, carcosa, Estotiland, Tabor Island, Groclant, Erewhon, Kantia, Jacquet, Mandara, Dvaraka, Banoic, Chryse, Pellucidar, Kianida, Frisland, Larissa, Petermannland, Pepys, Wachusett, Zanara, Aepyornis, Mardi, Zu-Vendis, Phaeacia, Ship-Trap, Caprona, Caspak, Altruria, Evonium, Barsoom, Nericus, Pavlopetri, Kerguelen, Heracleion, Ravenspurn, Maziris, Balanjar, Otuken, Emathia, Hellopia, Quivira, Vacina, Glitnir, Kalevala, Malva, Cassipa, Lamian, Pulotu, Mayda, Karaka, Izar, Grus, Dry Tree, Cygnus, Canopis, Aquila, Antares, Alioth, Xarayes, Wood Perilous, Vyrij, Yinjian, Youdo, Yourang, Vineta, ursa, Subra, Serpens, Pollux, Vega, Nembus, Menkar, Lepus, Hydrus, Swevenham, Perseus, Opar, Fomax, Eridanus, Canis, Arcturus, Marsic, Lesath, Delphnius, Avalon, Ramaja, Nysos, Nexdorea, Ophir, Bermeja, Montes Serrorum and Argyre.
Adiri, Baralku, Duzakh, Agartha, Eridu, Yama, Zara, Barzakh, Hsuan, Utopia, Buzhou, Hawaiki, Yomi, Kibu, Fusang, Lemuria, Ryugu-Jo, Alakapuri, Laputa, Khmun, Luggnagg, Lindalino, Lagado, Myrkalfar, Batala, Puyok, Kabatakan, Ibabawnon, Heorot, Geatland, Erythia, Lerna, Yulbrada, Acherusia, Delos, Kyphanta, Cynthus, Crommyon, Cretea, and Kressa
South America:
Albur, Eugea, Kokku, Nammu, Apsu, Kigal, Kiraya, Atlantis, Hubur, Alatyr, Irkalla, Tuma, Svarga, Arali, Tamag, Modun, Kunlun, Liusha, Aratta, Taparloka, Kitezh, Jianmu, Dilmun, Lanka, Naraka, Dunnu, Kasanaan, Bhuloka, Ekur, Rukh, Patala, Anu, Sanzu and Morven.