Refund policy

Refunds and store credit shall be at the sole discretion of MMOprovider reserves the right to solve any (potential) problems which may have occurred during your order. You are not able to dispute transactions on your own initiative as it will void your warranty on any of our services.

Our Warranty

MMOprovider offers you a 50d warranty in case you meet the following conditions below.
UPDATE: As of 15th of September 2020, we will grant you lifetime warranty on any of our accounts.
You will receive store credit for the amount you paid on our webshop. 1 store credit equals 1 EUR.

- The first 50 days of of your purchase ; 100% Warranty/coverage in store credit.
- Between 50 and 90 days of your purchase : 50% Warranty/coverage in store credit
- After 90 days of your purchase you will receive 25% Warranty/coverage in store credit

Your payment may be covered by our refund policy under the following conditions:

  • We’re out of stock. In a very rare case, it might be possible that we do not have the item in stock. If we are not able to deliver the product within 24 hours after your payment confirmation.
  • If clearly proven it to be an unauthorized transaction.
  • When it turns out you meet section 3 of our Terms of Service; upon recalled/reclaimed digital accounts.
  • In case your account gets permanently closed during our boosting services. (in case you logged in during the boosting process there will be no refunds issued)

We will not be issuing refunds for the following reasons :

  • You are not happy with the product.
  • You found a product elsewhere for a cheaper price.
  • Any other personal reason to receive a refund.
  • In-game bans, suspensions, account closures or other restrictions.
  • In case we do not complete our boosting services in time.
  • In case an account is inaccessible after reselling it to a third party.