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Recently back in early 2021 a brand new WOTLk project has been launched, called Whitemane.GG
This amazingly scripted WOTLK server has a 10x xp multiplier, bringing you to the end-game part in no time. You may notice the leveling part is fairly easy, however you are probably struggling on the gold part. Currently Whitemane.GG has released one server called Mograine. On this server you will see about 2000-6000 players online most of the time. This server is also very stable so you wont face any DCs. Here at MMOprovider we are ready to serve you with gold. Our gold is handfarmed, we have unlimited gold in stock and we have great delivery times.

Some keypoints to take note of when buying gold here ;

We've made over 18000 succesful gold delivering transactions and we are still counting
In case you order more gold, you will get better rates per 1000g ratio.
Almost 6 years of experience and still a long way to go
We currently provide 4 different delivery method you can choose of. We have ; face-2-face , in-game mail, Auction house and item trading/mailing method.

As mentioned above ; we have 4 delivery methods on Whitemane.GG mograine to deliver gold to you. To give you a short description, please read below.
: We will meet you in game, this is usually in Stormwind or Orgrimmar. We will trade pure gold and you will be able to accept the trade or you can also put in some items in trade window to make it less suspicious. This method usually takes around 15 minutes.
In-game mailing
: We will send the gold through mail, this method is extremely efficient, as you will receive the gold instantly and it only takes about 5-10minutes to deliver.
Auction house
: You will be able to post several non junk items on the AH and we will buy them. Basically you will put them on buyout and provide the item list to us to purchase. This method takes about 15-30minutes. Keep in mind that we do not cover the 5% commission the AH charges.
Item trading/mailing
: Our last method is the item method. Basically we will buy any item you want from the AH from random players and we will trade or mail it to you. This method takes around 30 minutes.

Information for buyers

We only offer handfarmed gold. We have several delivery methods you can choose. Standard deliver is between 15-40 minutes. Sometimes it may take a bit longer, depending on the popularity of the server and our personal stock.

We have gold on all servers, however in a very rare case we may not be able to deliver. In case you do not recieve the gold within 24 hours after you order, we will refund you.

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    michael jensen

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  • Very friendly, easy to work with and fair pricing!


  • Quick A+ buyer; straightforward and quick sale.


  • I purchased an account from these guys and couldn't be happier :) Super friendly live chat and service. Note if you're not in there timezone you may need to wait longer than advertised but it does happen :) I will be back!


  • Super fast service, good prices and a serious site where you can trust the seller.

    Mattias Forsell