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Looking to play WoW in Outland again? Well, this is your place to go. On the 20th of October, a brand new server launched, called Sunfury! Sunfury has many great features
On this page, you will be able to find Endless TBC WoW gold whenever you need it.
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Why would you buy Endless TBC gold?

The Endless Sunfury WoW server is greatly scripted, home to Outland. In this expansion, you need a lot of gold to obtain the best items, consumables, dungeon gear, vanity items, mounts, etc. Of course, you can farm the gold on Sunfury, however, it will take a lot of time and you may want to ask yourself whether it is worth it to farm such a crazy amount of Endless TBC gold. At this part we are here to step in, we can deliver the gold you need to gear up your character or to show off to other players on this server.

Endless TBC Sunfury gold for sale

Another great reason to buy Sunfury gold is our outstanding and competitive gold rates. These gold prices will change every day and will most likely drop every day you check this page again. We have 4 different delivery methods of your liking. So please tell us how you want us to prepare your gold and we will sort it out in no time. Endless SunfuryWoW is a great server if you wish to play TBC and play with a healthy player base,

Information for buyers

We only offer handfarmed gold. We have several delivery methods you can choose. Standard deliver is between 15-40 minutes. Sometimes it may take a bit longer, depending on the popularity of the server and our personal stock.

We have gold on all servers, however in a very rare case we may not be able to deliver. In case you do not recieve the gold within 24 hours after you order, we will refund you.

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