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Karazhan gold

Can't wait for the offical Burning Crusade edition later this year by the Blizzard Entertainment group?
Well before you get too excited you may want to check out some great WoW Private servers like Karazhan by the Atlantiss Project.
Karazhan Atlantiss is a great scripted TBC server, and all rates, such as Gold, Reputation and leveling are 1x rate. This hardcore version of TBC gaming should not be ignored.
Playing TBC is a very time consuming activity. you will need alot of gold in order to achieve what you want.
At MMOprovider, we're happy to deliver this Karazhan gold to you.
We have a crazy amount of gold in stock, we have handfarmed gold and we have gold on both Horde and Alliance.

When you're about to purchase gold at this page , you have to keep in mind that we have ;

Over 18000 succesfully gold trades & still counting
Placing bigger gold orders? No problem at all! We even give better prices per 1000g ratio when you purchase larger amounts.
Already over 5 years of expierence with selling safe WoW gold
We currently support 4 different delivery methods you should be aware of. The following methods are eligible ; face-2-face , in-game , Auction house and item trading/mailing.
We will stick to your preferered method. However, in case you want we can also switch methods. Methods like face-2-face and in-game mailing are our fastest options. Doing the Auction house and Item method may take a bit more time.

Information for buyers

We only offer handfarmed gold. We have several delivery methods you can choose. Standard deliver is between 15-40 minutes. Sometimes it may take a bit longer, depending on the popularity of the server and our personal stock.

We have gold on all servers, however in a very rare case we may not be able to deliver. In case you do not recieve the gold within 24 hours after you order, we will refund you.

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  • just like to update that I have now bought a total of 4 accounts and had exactly 0 problems. only tremendous service.

    Don Savant

  • Got my account within minutes. So far so good!


  • Super fast service, good prices and a serious site where you can trust the seller.

    Mattias Forsell

  • Excellent buyer! Pleasure to work with!


  • Quick A+ buyer; straightforward and quick sale.


  • sold my warrior to him, process was much easier than expected and ran into no problems other than a downscaled price due to a transfer cooldown, but that was of course through no fault of the seller and rather mine.

    Kuba Kerlin