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Can't wait to play Stormforge Netherwing? So do we! Once again, you can play WoW TBC, and finally, the Stormforge project is about to release this brand-new TBC server. This server will be more hyped than ever!

Why should I buy a Powerleveling boost for Stormforge Netherwing?

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a Powerleveling boost for Stormforge Netherwing. First of all, the XP rates are set to 3x, this is faster than 1x of course but still, it will take you about 1-2 weeks to hit level 70 with decent gameplay, and you may want to wonder whether you want to level all over again.
A second reason is the huge population which is expected to play here. So you have to compete with many players for a specific quest or mob. You may have been googling for terms like "buy stormforge netherwing powerleveling", "Netherwing Powerleveling", "Stormforge TBC Powerleveling" or "Stormforge Netherwing boost" Well, then you've come to the correct page.

Is it safe to buy Powerleveling for Stormforge Netherwing?

Theoretically, it is bannable to buy Powerleveling, first of all, there is real money involved and secondly, it is forbidden to share accounts. However, the chances of getting banned are meager. First of all, we are using VPN services so we will be able to play with an IP from your country, making it harder to track down.

Any other recommendations besides powerleveling on Stormforge Netherwing?

There are other options that you may enjoy besides powerleveling. Examples are profession boosts, reputation farming, gear farming, attunement boosts, and anything else you may think of. We are able to do custom orders for you, so in case you need something like level 53 engineering to level 350, we can do it for a specific price.

General information about Powerleveling on Stormforge Netherwing TBC

Level 1-70 is expected to take around 3-5 days. Warlocks/hunters are usually faster than warriors and rogues for example. ( the leveling speed is set to 3x, all other rates are still 1x)
Usually, the booster will play around 8-14h a day, depending on the booster
Leveling is done by hand only.
The leveling style is a mix of questing, dungeons and grinding.
We are using a VPN from your country
We are leveling any race and class. Please be aware that sometimes we have a lot of boosts, so it may require some time to start.
Usually, the leveling starts the same day as ordered.

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