Stormforge Netherwing

Stormforge Netherwing

Are you interested in playing WoW TBC but not sure where? No problem, this is your chance to play WoW TBC once again! The long-awaited Stormforge Netherwing is about to be launched on the 25th of March 2023!
This server will be very hyped as the Stormforge Project has a great reputation in terms of scripting and a healthy population. Below we will provide several reasons why to play there.

Why should I play on Stormforge Netherwing?

There are several reasons why you should decide to play on Stormforge Netherwing. First of all, regarding the expected population, you may expect around 3-5k online players, based on their other servers.
The leveling speed will be 3x, so you don't have to farm endless hours to hit level 70.
There is no pay2win in terms of buying equipment for coins, which is suitable for competition.
In the past they had a successful Netherwing Launch on TBC, this server maintained a healthy population for a long time.
They made an adjustment to the auction house feature, you will see a shared auction house.
They will also increase the difficulty of many PVE encounters, so you can be sure about getting a challenge

Why should I buy an account on Stormforge Netherwing?

There are many reasons to buy an account here. First of all, it will save you a lot of trouble to level all the way to level 70. For a reasonable price, you will save a lot of work and you will probably be able to change the name on the character. Second, most accounts we sell have been made for selling purposes, so its absolutely safe to play and buy. Third, our accounts have been verified with care. In case you are still not convinced about buying an account, perhaps our Powerleveling feature is something you may be keen to.

Netherwing Stormforge accounts for sale

This is not all, you can expect more features from this expansion, such as faction balance, dual spec specialization, and amazing PVP battles. So you might have been googling for terms like "buy netherwing account", "buy stormforge netherwing account","stormforge netherwing account for sale", "stormforge netherwing account". Well, then you've visited the right page