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At this page overview, you will find all our WoW TBC Europe Accounts. This page will be updated every time we remove or add a new account to our massive listings. When TBC finally launches, you can expect many accounts to be listed on this page. These accounts can be played on EU servers only. We will have a lot of different account options. These accounts have been leveled by either our personal team or third parties with good/clean reputations. These accounts can be categorized as the EU region, which covered Europe, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries. Our TBC EU Accounts show a lot of variation. For example, we will sell mid-level characters, fresh level 70s, PVP characters, PVE geared characters, Twinks & anything else you can think of. Most of these accounts are being leveled for selling purposes only, so you would not have to worry about recalls.
Please keep in mind that we own all these TBC accounts listed. That literally means you do not have to wait hours till you receive the account information ( unless we're asleep during non-operational hours)
We have many payment options available and we also have free gold bonuses on top of your WoW TBC EU account purchase
Also, keep in mind that there is no verification process upon purchasing these accounts. You do not have to create any guest account on our webshop and you can check it out straight away.
Please keep in mind that these TBC characters will transfer to WoTLK automatically on the 26th of September 2022, so you are eligible to play WoTLK on these characters!

Supported TBC EU Servers

We can be pretty clear about this as we literally support all EU servers out there. We will be adding TBC accounts to this page as soon they become available for us. All accounts have their transfer feature available and we will be posting accounts on PVE, PVP, and RP servers. Please keep in mind that if you wish to play on a PVP server you should not be purchasing the accounts on the PVE servers as they are restricted to move to PVP servers. PVE server accounts can only move to other PVE servers. All these accounts have an optional 500 gold for FREE bonus. No questions asked. This free gold becomes available every time you purchase an account from this page.
Did you purchase an EU TBC account that you do not like anymore? No problem either, feel free to re-submit your account at our sell accounts feature, and have a look at our Account store credit program as well for more information about this feature. The following servers are listed under the EU region; Amnennar, Ashbringer, Auberdine, Bloodfang, Chromie, Dragonfang, Dragon's Call, Dreadmist, Earthshaker, Everlook, Finkle, Firemaw, Flamegor, Flamelash, Gandling, Gehennas, Golemagg, Heartstriker, Hydraxian Waterlords, Judgement, Lakeshire, Lucifron, Mandokir, Mirage Raceway, Mograine, Nethergarde keep, Noggenfogger, Patchwerk, Pyrewood village, Razorfen, Razorgroe, Shazzrah, Skullflame, Stonespine, Sulfuron, Ten Storms, Transcendence, Venoxis & Zandalar Tribe

Please keep in mind that you can also play on TBC with the accounts we listed on our old classic EU Account page!