Throne and Liberty

On this page you will find all Throne and Liberty Lucent packages. We will be offering Lucent for all TaL servers. Right now, we can only support Korean servers, but during 2024 the game will also be released in NA and European regions. Are you ready to play Throne and Liberty? Make sure you are ready to purchase Lucent so you can benefit even more!

Throne and Liberty Lucent

Are you looking forward to playing TaL, but lack the time and resources to play? No problem! We are ready to supply. In case you have been browsing the internet for terms like "Buy TL Lucent", "Buy Throne and Liberty Lucent", "Buy TaL Lucent" or "TL Lucent for sale" you've come to the right page!

Why should I buy Lucent?

There are various reasons why you may need to buy Lucent for Throne and Liberty. First of all, you can only obtain these paid items when you spend Lucent ( or real money ), there are no other ways for you to collect these items.
This TL Lucent is required to purchase mounts, houses, equipment, and other rare items.

TL Lucent for sale

On this page you will find plenty of Lucent, we are supporting all servers and we will be adding more servers as soon they release. We have an excellent service which is operational 24/7 and our delivery times are below 1 hour usually!
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