Sindragosa Sunwell

Sindragosa Sunwell

In May 2022 a brand new WoW Wrath of the Lich King launched!
This seasonal WOTLK realm has a 12month cycle. Sindragosa Season 2 is about to go live!

What to expect?

Sindragosa Sunwell has a 7x XP multiplier from level 1 to level 80. In case you have double XP boosts it will be 14x XP!
At the very start, you can also attend raids in Ulduar.
And there is more! You will not be able to use PvE gear in arenas, so your PVP skills should only be based on PVP gear!

Several new Features

This brand new Sindragosa server will contain several new features like never been introduced before!
To summarize these features:
Racial Shift: You will be able to use other races' racial ability, this feature is limited to 1 Shift limit per character.
Spell Learning: All class spells are automatically learned
Solo queue: You no longer have to group for the arena, you can solo queue for it now.
Raid Buffs: Talk to Chromie in your raid to increase the difficulty even more!
Auction house: Horde and Alliance share the same AH now.
PVP Titles: Get your honorable skills and obtain old PVP titles
Heroics: The item level has been reduced to 160 in order to join random Heroics.
Transmog: Purchase a transmogrification token and change your appearances!
Achievement adjustments: Some achievements are harder to obtain
Prestige leveling & Age of Freedom: Play the game and get rewarded at a later stage in-game.

Sindragosa will be a seasonal Wrath of the Lich King realm which will have a 12-month progression timeline.
At the very beginning, you will be able to collect Tier 7/8 Equipment.
It also contains unique features like Prestige, Age of Freedom & Racial Shift.
Raids on Sindragosa will remain in the pre-nerf state. So you can expect a challenge