Kronos 4

Buy Kronos IV Services

Tired of playing the boring aspect of WoW Vanilla for endless hours? In need of Kronos gold, but lack the time to farm it?
Or do you rather play Kronos 4 endgame instead?
No worries! We, MMOrprovider, is here to help you out

Kronos IV Gold

We have many gold packages available for the Kronos 4 server. Our packages usually start at 100 and will go up to thousands. These package prices and amounts will change all the time. It depends on the server progression and available gold. Usually, we have an unlimited amount of gold. Which means we can deliver any gold order. Our gold is farmed by hand and we deliver our gold within 10-20 minutes during operational hours.

Kronos IV Boosting & Powerleveling

We can also do any kind of boosting request you can think of. Such as Powerleveling, skilling professions, running fierce PVP Battles, doing attunements, or doing amazing PVP battles.
We have a very large team of power levelers and boosters available. So as soon you place an order we will start the same day. Our leveling is done by hand and we are able to use a VPN from your country, to maximize its safety.

Kronos IV Accounts

We will also offer a large number of Kronos 4 accounts at your service. Our plan is to add them daily as soon the game progressed into a further stage. Please make sure to bookmark this page so you will always be up to date about our newly added accounts. All these Kronos 4 accounts are verified and obtained with care. You do not have to worry about any issues. So skip the boring leveling or gearing part and jump straight into raids with these amazing characters.