WoW WoTLK Classic

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Why should I buy WoW WoTLK gold?

There are many reasons why you should consider buying WoTLK gold instead of farming it. The first reason is the raid difficulty. We all know playing heroic raids requires a lot of skills and tactics. This kind of encounter really burns your food, consumables, and elixirs. These items require a lot of gold. So of course, you can start farming them.

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Which WoTLK Classic servers are supported?

Well, we can be very clear on this part. We will be supporting ALL servers on WoTLK Classic. So all Europe and US region-based servers will be included. Keep in mind that US regions are also part of Oceanic, South American, and several other areas around the globe. We expect to deliver gold on any server within a timely manner. And why is that? Well, that is because we have a great team of gold suppliers, which will cover all servers around there. You will be the one deciding how to obtain the gold. We have several delivery options which you can choose from, each delivery method has its pros and cons.

Stay tuned for more updates.