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Buy WoW TBC Gold EU

The Burning Crusade is known for its amazing gameplay and is probably one of the best WoW TBC expansions around. However we also know that TBC is one of the most gold-burning expansion around. At this page you will find all our WoW TBC EU gold packages for any kind of EU server. We have many gold packages available and we offer great prices, especially on bulk amounts. The more you order the less you pay proportionally. On Europe, we will be able to offer 4 different kind of delivery methods, known as ; face-2-face trading, in-game mailing, Auction house & Item trading/mailing method. Each method has its pros and cons. Our mail method is our fastest method, f2f is also pretty fast. The other methods may take a bit more time, but has its safety pros.
Our delivery times usually range around 15-40 minutes, which depends on the server/faction you play on. All our gold is handmade and we have a big farming team at your service at any time!