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WoW WOTLK Boosting services

Looking for a boost on WoW WoTLK? We are here to help!
We all know it takes a lot of time to achieve combat levels, maxed professions, or obtain the best equipment. Not everybody has time to achieve this, so why not outsource it instead?
We are providing boosting services around the clock. When placing an order, we will start the same day.
No account registration is required & you do not have to pay additional fees upon checking out!

What kind of boosting services for WoTLK do you offer?

We will be offering any service for WoTLK. Like we did with the other expansions, you can think of services like XP leveling, Professions, Reputation grinding, Gear farming, performing raids, and gathering resources.
Closer to the release we will start adding packages for WoTLK classic. It will be possible to place pre-orders so you won't miss out on your progress compared to your friends and guild members.


The first boosting option is our Powerleveling feature. What exactly does that mean? Basically, we will be playing on your character to achieve certain levels you want us to complete. During this period, we expect you not to log in until the boost is completed. We can do any kind of levels, such as levels 1-80, but also custom levels like 13-74 for example. Our boosters are using VPN service to guarantee your account safety. There are many reasons why to buy a Powerleveling boost. First of all, you've probably been leveling on Northrend before and it simply takes time to complete the leveling. So paying for a Powerleveling service is not a strange thought, given the real lifetime, it takes to achieve the maximum level.


Our second boosting service is professions. These professions are vital to your in-game characters and your game process. We will be able to do any kind of profession you'd like. Some examples are Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Smithing, Leatherworking, Inscription, and Enchanting. We have a custom-level tool for your liking, so basically you will be given a price per level. So in case you are level 77 enchanting and want to hit level 440, you will get your unique price plan for it.

Reputation grinding

Another feature is our reputation grinding service. In Northrend, there are various dungeons and heroics which grant reputation with certain factions. In order to unlock Epic and nice heroic gear, you need a reputation in order to purchase it. This gear is great for you to start your journey in Naxxramas for example. You may also need to complete many dailies in order to increase your reputation with certain factions

Gear farming

Looking for a specific item, gear boost, or Gearscore level? No problem, we can do this for you. We have several gearscore packages available. So basically we will be doing heroics till you have what you want. This gear is often collected in heroic dungeons, but we can also do some raids if you have the connections on this specific server.