WoW WoTLK Classic

WoW WOTLK Boosting services

Looking for a boost on WoW WoTLK? We are here to help!
We all know it takes a lot of time to achieve combat levels, maxed professions, or obtain the best equipment. Not everybody has time to achieve this, so why not outsource it instead?
We are providing boosting services around the clock. When placing an order, we will start the same day.

What kind of boosting services for WoTLK do you offer?

We will be offering any service for WoTLK. Like we did with the other expansions, you can think of services like XP leveling, Professions, Reputation grinding, Gear farming, performing raids, and gathering resources.
Closer to the release we will start adding packages for WoTLK classic. It will be possible to place pre-orders so you won't miss out on your progress compared to your friends and guild members.

Stay tuned for more information.