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TBC IS OUT NOW! Get your character boosted the same day you order!

Buying a TBC boost on US servers is a great way to save a lot of time, stress, and effort. We have custom packages available for any kind of level. Whether it is 58-70 boosting, 1-70 boosting, or any custom level range.
We can also include professions if you desire such. Please view our other boosting packages for more information. So have you decided to level a Draenei or Blood elf from scratch? Don't forget to contact us in case you do not wish to level all over again till 70.

Currently, we can do 1-58 leveling packages in about 7-9 days
The estimated time for 58-70 orders is approximately 6-9 days

We are using a VPN from your country to maximize your safety!
The estimated time may differ between classes. (Warriors/Rogues around 14-16 days for 1-70 orders. Classes like Hunter/Warlock more towards 13-15)
We can do any custom level you want, please check our Powerleveling tool on our webshop (minimum order is 20 USD)

Please keep in mind that the following services will include when you place an order :

- All gold. gear & loot remains on the account
- Leveling will be done through dungeons, quests, or mob tagging/farming
- It will have a 60% or 100% mount, depending on the level and server you order

Looking for a Powerleveling boost on WoW TBC Classic? You're at the correct page!
We have an excellent Powerleveling team at your service to level on any kind of US server. All our boosting services are made by hand and we perform at excellent speed. Ordering Powerleveling means we will start the same day as your order.

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  • Great service, they were fast and communicated with me the whole time and followed my instructions precisely. Great Seller.

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  • Really Good service =) i reached out and got contected within 3 minutes, deal went smoothly =)!

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