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Bored to level on WoW Classic content again? No worries! we are here to help you out. You've been waiting for WoW Season of Mastery for a long time, but finally, the time has arrived to step into this beautiful endgame challenge. We can assist you to skip the boring leveling part. On this boosting page, you will find numerous kinds of boosting services. Especially for old WoW content, it is known for its long-lasting and boring way of skilling and grinding. Since most players already completed the 1-60 questing and grinding part several times already we totally understand you might not be interested in doing this all over again by yourself. Interested in our services? Please read our boosting information here below.

Which WoW SoM Boosts do we offer?

Like we've already mentioned here above, we offer many different kinds of boosting services. These services have their own package on this page and their own pricing. One beneficial part about our services is the custom level price packages. Basically you are not forced to buy 1-300 professions, for example, you can purchase 23-260 or 56-272 for example with our great calculation tools.
This brings us to the first service:

We can do any kind of profession on WoW Season of Mastery. Which includes skinning, mining, herbalism, cooking, fishing, first aid, leatherworking, blacksmithing, engineering, tailoring, enchanting, and alchemy.
We will play on your character and start grinding the items for your gathering professions. We can also do crafting professions like blacksmithing, but keep in mind that we need a gathering profession in order to complete this.


The next stop is attunements. We assume you wish to be raiding on this amazing new difficulty level on Classic SoM. So we can do pre-quests, also known as attunement quests, like Onyxia's Lair, Molten Core, or Blackwing Lair for example.

In WoW Classic, PVP is a fun aspect but could also be a very boring aspect, especially when you have to gather a lot of BG marks and honor. This week-in week-out activity may result in boredom. At this point, we are here to step in and take over your character to farm BG marks or to grind honor.

XP Level Boost
The name says it all, we are leveling your character at a fast pace to reach your desired level on your character. So whenever you wish to level from 1 till 60, or 23 till 53, we can do this job without any problems. We expect to be able to hit level 60 within 2 weeks in case you are level 1.

Why buy an SoM Boost?

There are several reasons why it is more beneficial to purchase a boost for WoW Season of Mastery instead of grinding it. Especially compared to other WoW Classic games.
On the other classic games, it is possible to buy mage boosts or boosts from high levels to carry you through dungeons, making your leveling process very quick and easy.
That is all going to end now, In WoW SoM, you will not be carried by high-level players for super-speed leveling in dungeons or something like that.
Leveling on SoM will be done the old-fashioned way, which means doing many quests ( they provide much more XP) and grinding mobs on your own.
We are happy to do this old-fashioned way of leveling. We have a huge boosting team at your service to start the boost the same day as ordered.