Gnomeregan Raid Boost

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Buy Gnomeregan Boost

Are you looking to run Gnomeregan on WoW Season of Discovery? We are ready to help you!
Please check the information below to see how it works and what you (possibly) receive.

What will I receive?

- We will complete Gnomeregan for you
- Potentially gaining much loot for you
- We can provide screenshots as evidence, and possibly even stream the raid in some cases

Gnomeregan is the technological wonder in the World of Warcraft universe. This is the capital that were home for generations of gnomes. But it was in the past. The great betrayer Mekgineer Thermalug - betray his people and let the troggs invasion happened. And we are heroes of Azeroth, doesn't matter horde or alliance, will bring the justice to this coward and of course get some juicy loot from this new raid dungeon!
We have a team of boosters that ready to assist you on this journey.
Right now, we are offering piloted services only.

Important information during this raid

Please keep in mind that we do not influence the loot table. This means it is a matter of luck and also depends on the team we are playing with. Since there are many servers, we can not do this with 10 personal players of course. We will be joining PuG's as well to find a group ASAP. These Pugs can be good or bad. Please keep in mind that we can not reserve loot unless you make arrangements with a specific raid you are not able to attend yourself.

What are the requirements to enter the raid?

- Active subscription
- Not raid locked
- No bad social status in terms like being locked out of specific groups on your server

Need more information?

Do you need more info? Please check our FAQ or Contact us.

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  • I have bought/traded in multiple accounts. He is always extremely fast, friendly and an overall great experience!.


  • Around six transaction, zero problem <3


  • Great guy as always. The website was easy to use and very smooth. Paid and received in under 10 minutes.


  • Sold another account, same experience as last timegreat, fast service.