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Warmane Onyxia Powerleveling

Are you looking forward to the grand opening of Warmane Onyxia on the 18th of November? Well, so do we!
This brand-new adventure will enable you to play on progressive servers for the first time in Warmane's History!
Warmane Onyxia will start with Vanilla content, then I will proceed to TBC content and it will continue to WoTLK at the end
Do not miss out on this adventure! Warmane Onyxia will be a highly populated server.
The leveling speed for Warmane Onyxia is set to 3x XP, which means you can level fairly easily, however, there are plenty of players and the vanilla content is a time-consuming activity. At this point, you may have been googling for terms like "Buy Warmane Onyxia Powerleveling", "Onyxia Powerleveling", "Warmane Onyxia Boost" or "Warmane Onyxia Level Boost"

How does Powerleveling work on Warmane Onyxia?

Our Powerleveling service is very easy to understand. Basically, once you place an order on our website you will receive an email from us to provide your username and password. Afterward we will log in and play on your character until the task has been completed. Once completed, we will be notifying you.

General information about Warmane Onyxia Powerleveling

- It starts on Vanilla content and 1-60 leveling is expected to take around 7-8 days
- The XP rate is set to 3x
- All other rates ( profs, gold, etc ) are set to 1x.
- We can level by VPN if requested
- Hunters/Warlocks are generally faster. Warriors & rogues, on the other hand, are slower.
- We are playing by hand and do not use bots
- We can start the same date of order.

Need more information?

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