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Buy Gearscore boost Warmane Icecrown

Are you looking for better equipment on Warmane Icecrown? No problem! We are her to assist.
Below, you will find our gear score packages, we will be able to bump your gear score all the way up to 6k GS! ( In PVE equipment)

How does it work?

Basically, we will be playing on your character, so we can not do selfplay services, we just do piloted runs.
During our playtime, we will be joining dungeons or raids. These dungeons/raids will be done with the guild or through GDKP runs. Once we reach the desired gear score in your preferred spec we will notify you.
Please do not login during the process

Need more information?

Do you need more info? Please check our FAQ or Contact us.

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  • I have bought/traded in multiple accounts. He is always extremely fast, friendly and an overall great experience!.


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