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Can't wait for the brand new Turtle WoW Tel'abim PVP server? No worries! We are here to assist you with this new PVP chapter of Turtle WoW PVP.
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Why should I buy a Turtle WoW Tel'abim Boost?

There are various reasons why you should consider buying a power leveling boost on Turtle WoW Telabim PVP. First of all, the leveling will be very slow, especially compared with their PVE server. The server is expected to have a huge population and everybody will be able to kill each other. So you will die quite a lot during your journey. Before you hit level 60, several weeks or even months may have passed.
All leveling rates are also set to 1x, so that won't help you to level quickly here

Is it safe to buy a Turtle WoW PVP Server boost?

The answer is yes, first of all, Turtle WoW is allowing you to share your account. Of course, RMT is forbidden, but it's very hard to check. Theoretically, it remains bannable but tracking is pretty much impossible. If requested, we can use VPN programs.

General information about Turtle WoW Tel'abim Powerleveling

Level 1-60 is expected to take around 2-3 weeks. In the beginning, it may take a bit longer due to high population.
Rogues and warriors tend to take longer, while on the other hand, warlocks & hunters are often faster.
Leveling is done by hand, we are not botting or any kind of automated systems.
Our leveling style is a mix of grinding, questing en doing dungeons.
If requested, we use a proxy or VPN.
We are able to level any class or race
Usually, the boost starts the same day you are ordering.
Please keep in mind due to high demand, sometimes we may start a bit later.

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