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Sunwell Frosthold is a WOTLK server which launced on the 16th of november, 2019.

XP rates are 6x for 1-68 and 4x for 68-80.

Expected time for 1-80 is around 2-3 days

Please make sure you purchased the XP bonus on the Sunwell site, as our priced are based on the rates mentioned above

Please keep in mind that the following services will include when you place an order :

- All gold. gear & loot remains on the account
- Leveling will be done through dungeons, quests or mob tagging/farming
- It will have a mount, depending on the level and server you order

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  • Very friendly, easy to work with and fair pricing!


  • Excellent service, fast, highly recommend!

    Justin Weaver

  • Super fast service, good prices and a serious site where you can trust the seller.

    Mattias Forsell

  • Lars was awesome! I sold my WoW Classic account to MMO Provider and the transaction was quick and simple. Everything is laid out clearly on their website. A++ Would recommend to anyone.

    J. Sutton

  • Sold another account, same experience as last time—great, fast service.


  • Very easy no hassle