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Zul'mashar Darrowshire Vanilla Powerleveling services

On the 30th of July, 2021 something magical happened. The brand new vanilla server Zul'Mashar on Darrowshire opened its gates!
It has been a while since a vanilla content server has been launched, due to WoW Classic.
However this new server has a great potential. It has over 2000-3000 players online and there is zero pay to win available on this server.
The game will launch on Patch 1,3 and will gradually move forward to patch 1.12.
This whole timeline is expected to take aproximately 15 months.
Since it will probably be very timeconsuming you may have been looking for " Darrowshire Boosting","Darrowshire Powerleveling" or " Zul'mashar Powerleveling"
At this page you will find what you need, our custom powerleveling tool will make sure you are 60 in no time

Please keep in mind that the following services will include when you place an order :

- All gold. gear & loot remains on the account
- Leveling will be done through dungeons, quests or mob tagging/farming
- It will have a mount, depending on the level and server you order

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