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Buy Everlook Vanilla Powerleveling

Are you looking forward to playing Everlook WoW on Vanilla servers? Prepare for this massive hyped private server. Everlook Vanilla is expected to have a great and big community, so it may be quite a struggle for you to level in Azeroth on this private server.

Why should I buy a Powerleveling boost for Everlook Vanilla?

There are many reasons to buy a Powerleveling boost for Everlook WoW. First of all, the XP rates are set to 1x XP rate. This means you will need a lot of time to level your character on this server. This can take some months to complete. A second reason is the massive expected population, so you may often get killed in combat. So you may have been googling for terms like "Everlook Powerleveling", "Everlook Vanilla Powerleveling" buy Everlook boost"

Is it safe to buy Powerleveling for Everlook Vanilla?

Theoretically, it is bannable to buy Powerleveling, first of all, there is real money involved and secondly, it is forbidden to share accounts. However, the chances of getting banned are meager. First of all, we are using VPN services so we will be able to play with an IP from your country, making it harder to track down.

What else is recommended besides purchasing a leveling boost on Everlook Vanilla?

There are several other options you may want to consider purchasing besides Powerleveling on Everlook WoW Vanilla. The first option is our profession services. We all know it will take a lot of time to do both prof leveling and XP leveling. With professions, you will find yourself at the top of the table regarding gold farming. These profs are vital for your character and for your raid progression. For example, in case you place a custom-level order and need profs along the road, we can do them. What makes this situation very unique is our custom tool for profs. For example., if you are level 52 herbalism and need 300 herbalism, you can simply purchase the 52-300 part. Another service you might want to consider are attunement boosts. For WoW Classic you need attunements for Onyxia and Molten core for example, but these are boring to do, so you may want to look into this service.

General information about Powerleveling on Everlook WoW

Level 1-60 is expected to take around 17-18 days. Warlocks/hunters are usually faster than warriors and rogues for example.
Usually, the booster will play around 8-14h a day, depending on the booster
Leveling is done by hand only.
The leveling style is a mix of questing, dungeons, and grinding.
We are using a VPN from your country
We are leveling any race and class. Please be aware that sometimes we have a lot of boosts, so it may require some time to start.
Usually, the leveling starts the same day as ordered.

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