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Ascension WoW currently has 2000-3000 players online during peak hours

You can pick the standard Area 52 Server or you can also go for seasonal servers, such as Wildhammer.

XP rates are set to 7x for 1-60 and 2x for 60-70

There is no specific class so you can put in any random class upon ordering.

The game is based on 3.3.5 WoW patch, however the game itsself is TBC.

Please keep in mind that the following services will include when you place an order :

- All gold. gear & loot remains on the account
- Leveling will be done through dungeons, quests or mob tagging/farming
- It will have a mount, depending on the level and server you order

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  • Good communication with seller, fast delivery


  • Excellent service, fast, highly recommend!

    Justin Weaver

  • Sold another account, same experience as last time—great, fast service.


  • I purchased an account from these guys and couldn't be happier :) Super friendly live chat and service. Note if you're not in there timezone you may need to wait longer than advertised but it does happen :) I will be back!


  • Very easy no hassle


  • Super fast service, good prices and a serious site where you can trust the seller.

    Mattias Forsell