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PVP Rank boost for WoW Classic Era

Are you currently playing Classic Era but noticed the server is pretty tricky in terms of survival and gaining the best gear? No problem! We can do PVP rank boosts for you no matter what rank. Please have a look at our price & ranking table. We will be playing on your character until the PVP rank has been completed, please make sure not to log in during the process, doing so will void your warranty during the ranking process. We are using a VPN during the process to minimize the risks. So in case, you have been googling for "Classic Era PVP boost", "Classic Era rank boost" or "PVP ranking WoW Classic Era" then you've visited the right page.

How does PVP boosting work on WoW Classic Era?

We will be playing on your character and reach the weekly honor points you require to achieve certain PVP ranks. We will be playing in battlegrounds and doing world PVP if necessary. We can play in any race or class, so it won't matter what you play.
We will be playing about 8-14 hours a day, depending on the order description. On the higher PVP ranks, we might have to do it with 2 men.
During the process, we will be using VPN to minimize the risks. The honor point grind will be done by hand only, we are strictly against bot usage.
Please do not log in during the process as it may be risky to do so and it will void your warranty.

How does the new Honor system work on Classic ERA?

Nowadays, you do not have to play 14-20 hours a day to become ranked 13/14 as you may still remember. Right now, there is an honor cap that calculates how much you can gain. So you do not have to outperform other players, but you simply have to reach the honor cap goal for maximum results. Below we've added a table which is the approximate amount of honor points you can gain at a certain PVP rank.
Rank 1 = 37500 Honor
Rank 2 = 45000 Honor
Rank 3 = 77500 Honor
Rank 4 = 110000 Honor
Rank 5 = 142500 Honor
Rank 6 = 175000 Honor
Rank 7 = 256250 Honor
Rank 8 = 337500 Honor
Rank 9 = 418750 Honor
Rank 10 = 500000 Honor
Rank 11= 500000 Honor
Rank 12 = 500000 Honor
Rank 13 = 500000 Hono

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