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Back in 2019, WoW Classic ERA launched and it was a huge success, soon after, it dropped a lot in popularity, however, times are changing and WoW Classic ERA is once again booming! Do not miss this adventure and be ready to raid and PVP once more in Azeroth. If you have been googling for terms like "Buy Classic ERA Powerleveling", "Powerleveling Classic ERA" or "Buy WoW Classic ERA power leveling" you've visited the right page.

How long does it take to level in WoW Classic ERA?

It depends on the class you play, but for example, if you wish to hit level 60 it may take around 15-18 days, assuming there are no special XP boosts or so. Hunters/Warlocks lean towards 2 weeks and warriors/rogues like 18 days.

Why buy Powerleveling for WoW Classic ERA?

We all know the leveling on Classic ERA takes a long time, there are no xp boosts and there are not too many people who can boost you right now, so expect to level for many weeks to hit level 60.
You can also decide to outsource this by contacting us to do it for you, we have excellent skills doing the Classic ERA boosting.

General info about WoW Classic ERA Power leveling

Leveling from 1 to 60 usually takes about 14-18days.
Leveling from 1 till 40 usually takes about 7-9 days.
We are leveling with VPN from your country
We are leveling any kind of race and class
We only level by hand
Our leveling style is usually a mix of grinding, dungeons, and questing.
Usually, we play around 8-14 hours a day, depending on the assigned booster

Need more information?

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