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Ramkahen Reputation Boost

Ramkahen is a clan located in Uldum, it is one of the 3 clans of the Tol'vir creatures. It is the only clan that did not fall victim to Deathwing. This clan is still battling against the forces of Al'Akir and Deathwing, however, they are not able to do it by themselves, and they need your help.

How do I build a reputation with Ramkahen?

There are various ways to grind reputation with Ramkahen, you can do the following things:
- Quests: You can start off doing quests in Uldum, once you are level 83. Afterward, you can also do a few daily quests.
- Tabard: Make sure you wear the Ramkahen tabard and run dungeons and heroics on Cataclysm. However, you should be Friendly before you can use this tabard.

Why should I build a reputation with Ramkahen?

Well, that's easy! you want their amazing reputation rewards.
Once you are Honored, you can obtain some rare equipment.
Once you are Exalted, you can pick a few item level 359 epics even
But that's not all, you can also learn to ride a Camel!

Do you want to reach exalted to Ramkahen but do not have enough time? No problem! MMOprovider will gladly give you a hand and complete it in no time!


Your character should be level 85
The better equipment you have, the faster it will go

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