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Hellscream's Reach Reputation

Hellscream's Reach faction is an assault group from Garrosh Hellscream. Their mission is to win the contested Tol Barad Peninsula as well as the prison facilities.
Their team consists of the best orcs

How to build a reputation with Hellscream's Reach?

There are 2 ways to build a reputation with Hellscream Reach, first of all, you can do daily quests.
Daily quests are being offered every day in Hellscream's Reach, there are 5 or 6 you can do every day for 1250-1500 reputation
Once the Horde controls Tol Barad, a few new quests will be unlocked.
You can also do Baradin Hold, which is a raid instance that you farm by killing trash and bosses

Why should I gain a reputation with Hellscream's Reach

There are various reasons to grind reputation with Hellscream's Reach, but most important are the great rewards this faction has to offer
Once you are Honored and Revered, you can unlock some nice rare quality equipment
At Exalted, you can unlock several epic equipment
But that's not all, once you are Exalted you can learn how to ride the Spectral Wolf!

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Your character should be level 85
The better your equipment the faster it will go

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